Instagram is Rolling Out New Ad Units in its Explore Tab

Instagram is in the news again. This time providing in more features for the advertisers to make their life easier and their money spent in a better way.  What this feature exactly is?

The “Explore Feed” of your Instagram account would now show you ads. Don’t worry that ads won’t be popping up as soon as you hit explore. But as soon as you’ll hit explore, Instagram would suggest you some ads as you’ll scroll through this tab.

What’s in it for users?

The users should not expect something very new with this feature, as they’ll be shown the content that would be most relevant to their interests and desires. However, there would be greater chances that, now, the content shown would be sponsored specially when they’ll be exploring the Instagram application under “Explore” tab.

The only thing that you are going to find different as a user is that you’ll be seeing Instagram advertisements in more tab of your Instagram account. Most of these advertisements would be relevant to your interests, so that you’ll find what you are looking for in a better way.

Instagram New Ad Feature

What is in it for the advertisers?

For advertisers, this is going to open up new dimensions. The advertisers would actually be able to target more specific audience, specifically looking for some products. Moreover, as the overall aura of Instagram is related to what’s trending and relevant, so by using this forum for ad posting, the advertisers would be in a better position to remain relevant for their specific audience.

This feature would be in the hands of the advertisers. The advertisers would be able to place their ads in the Explore tab by using the placement options and get directly to the target audience.

This feature is going to get more importance because half of the users of the Instagram are actively engaged in using this application. So, pinpointing the ones that could be looking for a particular product genre is more likely going to generate more audience and customers for you.


Instagram is making record progress in making the application most relevant for both the users and the advertisers. This new feature of the application is one of the examples of such progress. Hopefully, there is way more to come and you’ll have to stay tuned for all of it.