The Instagram in-app checkout feature

While we scroll through our Instagram feeds we come across some of the most lavish ads mostly of clothing and different accessories, many of us just desire to buy some of those items but are reluctant because of the long process of being directed to the website of the particular brand and filling all the required details of payment again and again. But wait if you are tired of all this, Instagram has responded to your problem with its latest Instagram in-app checkout feature.

Instagram to the rescue

Firstly, Instagram has always been a pleaser for the users. The app has tonnes of good features to attract the users and help the company make a healthy sum of money. Also after having focussed on e-commerce for some time and with having different facilities for online shopping. Instagram is now taking the initiative to introduce the new Instagram in-app checkout feature.

Moreover, the basic purpose of the checkout feature is to enable the user to purchase different items on the app itself without any external visit to the purchase site or store. The user would have the convenience to choose a product of any brand and without having to bother to visit the website of the particular brand for checkout the user can just enter the details required for payment on the Instagram app itself with the new ‘Checkout on Instagram’ option. This helps to take the Instagram’s ‘Shopping Tags’ a step ahead in the market.

Furthermore, what’s more fascinating is that once the user has entered the required details, for the first entry the details are saved, for if the same person wants to make another purchase he doesn’t have to re-enter all of the details again.

The first introduction of shopping feature by Instagram

As for quite long Instagram has been interested in ecommerce and the company announced the shopping tags for the product posts around in 2016 and has expanded into the ecommerce industry since then.

In addition to, also previous year Instagram released a new ‘Shop’ option on business profiles, with also the introduction of shopping collection so that the users are facilitated with the variety of products that are available in the market. Furthermore they also introduced ‘Shopping tags for videos’ with another shopping tag in the explore category, enhancing the app in the ecommerce industry.

For those who want to enable the business settings for shopping on Instagram should click here to learn the steps

The initial release and growth of the Instagram in-app checkout feature

So the initial feature is launched in a beta version which is only launched in the US with a limited number brands to offer. About 23 brands are being allowed to use the initial trial. It is likely for them to be a little cautious to have a proper trial first, hence this kind of a closed beta version is justified.

Moreover, beginning with the in stream payments is a major step, so to regard Instagram’s perspective they have made a wise decision to take this at a slow pace. On the other hand the businesses are keen to put their respective brand names on those shopping tags.

The chosen Brands

The Brands chosen to test the closed beta version of the Instagram in-app feature are:

  • Adidas
  • Kylie Cosmetics
  • Warby Parker
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Balmain
  • Burberry
  • ColourPop
  • Dior
  • H&M
  • Huda Beauty
  • KKW
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Michael Kors

Instagram in-app checkout feature helping to keep track of Purchases

Furthermore, another advantage that Instagram is offering regardless of the Instagram in-app checkout feature is that it will also help the user to keep in track of all the shipment and delivery details so that the user can keep a track of their purchases. This all will be done by just clicking on the new ‘Orders’ tab.

Also the merchants who are responsible for the delivery would only be given sufficient information to carry out a delivery, which includes contact info and address, but not having the details that you provided for your payment. Also the user will be given an option to share their email address with the company, to help the company in their marketing department.

Faster source of payment

Also the new Instagram in-app checkout feature is allowing faster transaction as the website of particular brands have a very long procedure of filling out the necessary payment details. While on the other hand through the Instagram’s the details are cut short but still the essential ones are there. It’s a more speedy approach. The users can purchase items via

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover or PayPal
  • Facebook’s stablecoin

Benefits to Instagram

Obviously Instagram being a large company, with providing people with ease of the new feature it would also consider the ways of making a stable pay out of it.

Hence Instagram is making sure it is being rewarded properly as the Instagram in-app checkout feature also requires the business to pay Instagram for the additional charge of the transaction facilities being provided, giving Instagram another platform for income, which will eventually grow as time progresses.

However, with the ongoing growth of the mighty Instagram it is likely to assume that many of the big brands will be looking forward to get their names on the list of Instagram’s shopping tags. Which will is going to boost its revenues. Also because of the feature it has become a platform for the discovery of great new products that is entering in the market everyday making it a shopping hub while providing a healthy competition to the online shopping sites.

Becoming a big contender in the market

Moreover, this eCommerce is not a new field for a company to step into, there exist giants like Amazon and Alibaba etc. So if Instagram is looking at the big market of eCommerce it should keep in the race with these top companies. Social media platform are becoming a hub for product promotion gradually and slowly as 16.37% of shoppers use social media to influence their purchases and also about more than 60 million businesses have a Facebook page.

Furthermore, these big giants would have seen Instagram’s bold move and would also be looking to step up their game. With the ever going ecommerce market the businesses are the ones that now have to make sure having their product listed in all of these platforms to maintain their fair share of marketing and sales  

Instagram’s bright future

To sum it up, with all the elements adding up to its advantage Instagram is on a steady rise. Considering the fact the new feature isn’t being available to everyone at the moment, but it could later turn out to be very profitable for the company and help it to go beyond the revenues generated by Facebook merely which is mainly by ads.

Lastly this feature is going to take time to develop. Instant prospect is not looked upon but with the passage of time this is going to help Instagram to build its mark. So in order it to be of worth, it is important to be cautious in approach, which the company is observing at the time. Waiting for the proper response from the audience before the release of the Instagram in-app checkout feature to all the 1 billion active users.