The Debate

“Pewdiepie vs T-Series? Before getting along with this debate, learning about these two major names is critical


To start with Pewdiepie, this catchy name has turned a lot of heads. Pewdiepie is now the biggest sensation of YouTube, with about 84 million subscribers it is now the leading YouTube channel. But who is Pewdiepie? Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish YouTuber. Felix was born on 24th October, 1989, in Gothernberg, Sweden. From a young age he used to enjoy gaming and was fond of art.

Initially he started earning on his own by selling his works of Photoshop. He eventually started with the name Pewdie which later he changed to Pewdiepie.

What is so interesting about his content?

Firstly he began his channel by commenting on games, however at this point likewise with the expanding number of subscribers he has broaden his zone to commenting on memes as well. Still, in what capacity can commenting on games and memes make you famous? It’s all in his gestures and his utilization of words. Secondly, His lively commenting with humorous articulations is all what the watchers appreciate. Moreover the most satisfying substance for the viewer is the roasting. In fact Pewdiepie makes it sure that he covers all the conceivable approaches to roast a specific content. Most importantly, this world needs memes, they need jokes, and yes they enjoy roasting, therefore Pewdiepie is giving them a complete package for their desires.


On the other hand what is T-series, and why it is being mentioned in contrast to a big name like Pewdiepie. It is the second most subscribed YouTube channel at the moment with it also having 84 million subscribers very close to that of Pewdiepie.

Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited, which is currently doing business by the name T-series, is the biggest India’s music label which features music videos, films and trailers etc. It was originally founded by Gulshan Kumar in 1983 and later carried on by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar.

How the War Started

Further, as the two names continue to grow, their number of subscribers draw nearer and closer, till they turned into a risk to each other. Meanwhile with all the consideration the media began to provide for this exceptional clash of numbers, Pewdiepie himself lighted it further.

“This channel will overtake Pewdiepie”

Pewdiepie posted this video in which he by implication turned his fans against T-Series and made them to support for him.

Moreover pewdiepie releasing his song “Bitch Lasagna” likewise snatched more attention towards this YouTube war. Pewdiepie released this song on 5th OCT 2018, in which he alluded to T-Series as bitch lasagna. He addressed authenticity of T-Series by blaming them for utilizing “sub bots” for gaining illegitimate subscriptions. As a result, numerous Indians were incited as the song contain a few verses about the Indians which they found offensive.

Pewdiepie wasn’t done yet. On 3 February 2019, he livestreamed himself playing Fortnite on YouTube consequently preventing T-Series from crossing him.

Further, this war even went to the Super bowl when Mr Beast a prevalent YouTube symbol himself purchased seats at the 2019 Super Bowl just to show support by displaying Pewdiepie T-shirts.

In Addition to this an artist and YouTuber called Davie504 demonstrated his help to Pewdiepie by playing his diss track on his guitar for 10 hours.

Wow! Even the Hackers didn’t hesitated to step in                          

Numerous Printers were hacked by a hacker with the nick “HackerGiraffe” by which he printed messages saying “PewDiePie is in trouble and he needs your help to defeat T-Series!” 

Moreover more than 65,000 of Google’s Chromecast streaming dongles were hacked by HackerGiraffe and j3ws3r, showing a message on Smart TVs encouraging individuals to subscribe to PewDiePie and change their security settings.

How T-series got benefited from the war

Most noteworthy T-series started getting bunch of recognition outside of India, especially from the west because of the increasing publicity. T-series President Neeraj kalyan said “people in the West, or in the East as far as Japan were not even aware of us. They now know about us because of all that controversy”.

Is there an end to it?

To sum up, with how fast the numbers are going up, even with live subscription counters posted on websites, for example akshatmittal.comt, most likely this war doesn’t seem to have a sooner end, while viewers are curiously waiting on to what Pewdiepie has to offer next, to take this contest further ahead.