If you are a beginner in the online world, the idea of managing your website in a way that would engage the search engines is a bit shady. Isn’t it? But to be very honest, it actually isn’t. In this article. It is a way to help the search engine algorithms to find the best website for the search query. 4 SEO tips for beginners are the main focus.

SEO, actually, is just a search engine aid. There are a lot of different factors that search engines take into account in order to find the most relevant result for your search. Realistically, when you type “SEO tips for an absolute beginner” into your search engine, you would be pleased to see articles that tell you just that specifically, right?

Starting SEO on WordPress website can be an easy way to start and gradually you can move up the ladder. Practically, putting up great content on your website is just where the road to SEO begins. Let’s look into four simple SEO tips for an absolute beginner.

Relevant Keywords:

To incorporate SEO on your website, use keywords. Many internet users frequently type the same phrases into the search bar when they’re looking for something. Typing in these phrases results in a list of relevant responses to the search. For example, if you typed “How to make lasagna” you will get a recipe for lasagna in the search results.

Human beings are very similar to each other and without realizing it, we tend to type in the same search prompts over and over.

This is actually a good thing for websites because this makes the use of keywords applicable. Keywords are phrases that are used frequently in searches. You can use keyword planning tools to identify which keywords are popular currently and which keywords generate high-traffic topics.

By incorporating popular keywords in your website or blog articles, either as a topic or in a post, you are more likely to attract searchers who are searching that exact topic.

Use H1 Title Tags Carefully:

In HTML, H1 stands for Heading One. H1 is the largest and most prominent heading on a page and it is one of the first things that search engines scan after the title of your page. Needless to say, it is an incredibly powerful page element.

The titles on your page are one of the most important considerations a search engine makes.

You can add multiple H1 headings to your page. But then search engines will treat your page as less relevant while prioritizing a page with only one H1 heading. Use H1 for the biggest heading on your page and H2 and H3 for subheadings and section heads.

Ideally, H1 should have something relevant to searchers in them, such as keywords.

Get some Backlinks:

Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from one webpage to another webpage.

There are a number of ways to generate backlinks, but using paid services for this purpose is not recommended because most of the paid services have a network of sub-par websites that do more harm than good.

The recommended way is organic linking. For example, if you are a service provider, encourage your customers to write reviews on other sites. If you are a blogger, collaborate with other bloggers and write guest posts on other websites and link back to your site in your posts.

Backlinks are a big factor for search engines when ranking sites. After all, if other websites are linking to yours, search engines also will.

Last But Most Importantly, Write for Humans

You can attract search engines attention in many different ways with SEO. But make sure that your content is as appealing to humans as it is to machines. If your website only appeals to robots, then it defeats the purpose of search engines – helping humans with their searches.

Content that people find utility in will help you the most because people will keep returning to it over and over. If people like your content they may link it to their own websites, social networks or e-mails. And as your content gets linked more and more, search engines will start ranking it higher.

So don’t render your content unreadable for humans by over-using the above tactics. Instead, try to balance between human and machine (search engine) preference.

Most of these SEO tips come under the category of inexpensive ways. To know about the other inexpensive ways of business promotion, have a look at this article.

It is possible to get your ranked in the top results of the search engine. You need to apply the relevant SEO techniques. In this article, we have discussed some of the SEO tips for beginners, you can use them and start analyzing the difference in your page ranking.