How to make money fast? 10 skills that can earn you $10,000 per month. Mastering the right skills is the key to your income in the online world.

Your Upwork profile isn’t getting approved? Fiverr is not getting you any orders, and you aren’t aware of any other platforms. Well, this is the story of most of the people who are searching for work in online markets. Whether you are loofiking for some extra bucks other than your permanent job or you are looking to make freelancing as your full-time career, in both situations, the first thing that you should be conscious about is the skills.

“Without sharpen your weapon, standing on the battlefield would not increase your chance of winning.”

 ― Ankit Sahay

If your skills are not in demand, you won’t land up on any projects, and even if you do, you won’t be paid much. So, what are some skills that can actually teach you how to make money fast? Our goal here would be to discuss some of these skills through which you can earn approximately $10000, and that is just a number. Within no time, you’ll be able to see massive growth in your earning just because of the right selection of skills.

“We began earning $10,000 per month consistently and then brought that one blog up to an average of over $20,000 per month in profits.” – Nerney, a blogger who is now making $75000 a month.

How to make money fast?

So, after establishing the importance of selecting the right skills, we guess there is a need that we should highlight which skills can actually earn you a good amount. So, here are they:

1. UI Designing:

If you have some hands-on experience of this skill, then you are just about to hit the jackpot. How? Because this is one of the most demanded skills that you can use to earn $10000 per month. The businesses and companies are moving from brick and mortar to the online world where they are facing so much competition that they need to stand out.

One of the ways through which they can do it is by providing the ultimate user experience for online customers, and for that, they need UI designing. With the excessive need for an online and mobile presence, this skill is in high demand too. And guess what businesses are going to pay you your chunk of money for that.

If you are just new to the online world and don’t have any skill at the moment, then learn UI designing, and you’ll be making some real income out of your gig.

2. Website and Application Development:

Just like UI designing, application, or web development is just what the businesses want to grab in their customers. This skill is even in more demand by the business because the ones who are new to the online world might not know the importance of user-friendly design, but they would definitely want to shift their focus to the online and mobile customers. So, for that, the development of application and website becomes important.

One thing that should have a particular focus on is that the advancement in technology and various platforms actually allow you to develop the application and website without coding. So, you either can go for this mode of development or can use coding for generating all the online stuff. We are just differentiating between the two make you realize that there can be two different fields that can be totally different and could be paying you differently.

Obviously, with the higher effort of coding required, your work would be worth more rather than using an existing platform and managing just the user end for creating a website or application. However, polishing your skill even in the platform-based application and website development, you can expect a good return. But for that, you should be highly skilled.

3. Digital Marketing:

Most of the people take digital marketing just as the paid forms of marketing, which is not true. Digital marketing involves every effort that the companies make to attract the customers for their business either paid or non-paid. So, that involved search engine optimization paid search, paid social media advertising, and email marketing.

Overall, covering the entire digital marketing would require a lot of your effort. As each of these techniques has, the principles of its own that should be properly implemented for attaining the best results. Moreover, the concentration of this skill would be more related to the results as compared to the effort that you can put in.

With this skill, you can even charge customers $1000 for all the digital marketing efforts, so just with a few initial clients, you could be making $10000 per month. But make sure that the quality of services that you are providing to your customers should be phenomenal, as this skill would require long-term relationship development, and that would only be possible with the best services and best communication. Moreover, the effort in both these domains could actually help you in spreading a positive word of mouth.

4. Blockchain:

Have you heard about cryptocurrency? Blockchain can be termed as the building blocks of the cryptocurrency. This is one of the most demanding skills and is getting high prominence because of the introduction of new cryptocurrencies in the market and the high involvement of people in the existing ones too.

You can even expect to be paid in cryptocurrency if you have the Blockchain skill. You can acquire it through some of the online courses that exist on different platforms. But before you get into this field, make sure to check the laws of your country as cryptocurrency, and the skills dealing with it are banned or aren’t included in the legal source of income.

You won’t be looking forward to earning money and then get it confiscated by the government because of its illegal source.

5. Voiceover:

Video content is ruling over the online world. So, that makes the voiceover skills as one of the ways to how to make money fast. If you have a good voice quality, then you can dive into this market. You might need to practice a bit to include the emotional aspect in your voice, but it won’t require much time as, in our normal conversation, we are quite used to these adjustments.

The real voice artists charge hundreds of dollars for a minute of voice over. As a newbie, you might won’t reach this level, but you’ll have to spend some of your time developing expert-level skills.

6. Chatbot Development:

Again, in the online field, the race between companies is on. Every player wants to provide the best services for the customers so that they would come back and become a loyal customer. In order to achieve this, managing small things like providing a timely response to the customers about the information that they are seeking is essential. Chatbots are being used as one of the important parts to achieve this.

So, if you are an expert in developing a chatbot, then you can easily get to the $10000 mark monthly. The development of chatbot can be categorized similar to the website and application development. There is a possibility that you can actually develop chatbots without generating a new code. However, it would have its limitations. Similarly, you can simply go for the complete code generated effort as well. It won’t only help you with getting a customized version of chatbot and a lot of higher-income on a monthly basis. But yes, that would require your significant effort and time.

7. Copywriting:

E-commerce has increased rapidly, with even brick and mortar stores opening up the online versions of their stores. So, in order to sell their product, they need some description of the product and the reasons because of which they should buy the products. This is where the copywriting comes in.

As a copywriter, you need to write compelling copy that would attract the readers and entice them to buy the product. E-commerce stores are the bread and butter for the business owners, so they want something best in return for offering one of the highest-paid remunerations for this job. Depending upon the size of the store and their continuous requirement, you can write for more than one client at a time and reach a $10000 mark. This is one of the skills that can answer your question of how to make money fast.

8. Machine learning:

Artificial intelligence is taking over everything. Machine learning is the application of artificial intelligence in the true sense. Whether it is in the form of chatbots or specific programs, machine learning is one of the demanding skills and become one of the ways for you to earn money fast.

But this one isn’t that easy. Apart from the proper degree in the course, you would require some good implementation guidance from the mentors to get it working. But if you are an expert in the field, then it is not impossible that this skill could even earn you $10000 from a single project. This is why we have been enforcing the learning of the right skills.

9. Consulting:

Are you a business owner? Or an expert in digital marketing? Why don’t you start providing consultancy to small businesses in the industry? The new startups are always looking for the right guidance, and if you have the authority in the field, then you can even get paid for all the skills and expertise that you have gathered over time.

Some businesses might even offer you an executive position or a certain percentage for the provision of mentorship. But you would have to be exceptionally good with your consultancy and market analysis skills. Moreover, you’ll have to be equally good at marketing your skills so that new business owners would know that they should be getting your services.

10. Coaching:

The online world provides you with a wonderful opportunity to spread what you know in other parts of the world. Whether it is a language that you master or a specific skill that you are good at, you can use the online platforms for teaching those skills.

When it comes to the price, you very well know that skills are highly valued, and teaching them to others can be priced considerably high, thus making you a lot of money. Another important thing here is that the skills that you possess would also be determining your income and answers to the question of how to make money fast. With the highly demanding skills, you’ll be able to earn more per hour, whereas, for some less demanding skills, you’ll have to keep your per hour rate low.

But the easiest thing here is that you can use the same freelancing platforms for the purpose of teaching as well. But if you are looking for some specific online platforms that support teaching, you can search for them, and you’ll get a list of some specific teaching platforms that you can rely on.


“The beginning is hard because you aren’t making any money, and you are working very hard. But at some point, there is a massive shift. Once you develop the skills for it, your income can grow exponentially.” Nerney.

This quote is actually from the practical experience of online workers. You need to develop some skills to learn how to earn money fast. Initially, the skill might not pay you, but as soon as you reach up the mastery ladder, you can get the most out of it.

With these skills, there is a high probability that you would be able to make $10000 a month. The higher-income slab would depend on the effort that you put in your work and the results you achieve.