If you are the one, who gets a number of ideas, but you are not able to finalize any of them. Then you are particular stuck in the brainstorming stage. Here the question “Why” and “Who” are important and can provide you with a way to get out of this stage. Not everyone can think of great ideas and every idea is not great. So, you’ll have to get away with the best idea that would be helpful in long run and will provide you with monetary benefits too. So, if you have got the awesome idea, here’s what you should do next.

According to Kauffman Startup Index, approximately 550,000 people enter entrepreneurship field each month. So, there is a high prospect that you can be amongst one of them. There is no hard and fast rule for the success of any business. But there are certain elements of the planning stage that can help you when you have got the awesome idea, here’s what you should do next got the idea Interested in knowing more? Let’s take things more systematically.

Find “why” and the “who.”

When you have got the idea, here’s what you should do next. Firstly,  find the “who” and “why”. If you won’t find satisfactory answers for both these questions, you won’t be able to execute your idea and convert it into the implementation stage.


You need to think on the grounds that what is in it for the customers. How does it fill the market gap? Is there a particular problem. By answering these questions, you’ll really find the right answers and you’ll be able to evaluate it for marketing feasibility.


After finding out the reason for starting the business, you need to find out whom will you sell your product or services. Or in other words, the target audience. You must create segments based on different attributes that would be important for your business. Usually, four types of segmentation groups are present. These include demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral.

Based on all these dimensions, you can find your audience; you can also create the persona of the buyers to know them in more detail. You can use a free tool like Hub spot’s Make My Persona to get detailed about who your ideal customers are.

Analyze the competition:

Your idea might not be 100% unique. So, there is a high possibility that the competition would also exist. In that situation, you need to analyze the market in detail and see the nature of industry.

Is it filled with competitors? Are the products or services unique? What is their business model? If there are a number of competitors already operating in the market, there is no need of entering in the industry because the profit margin would be quite less. Moreover, capturing customers from competitors would be fairly difficult.

You’ll have to find your competitive advantage if you decide to enter inthe industry. Competitive advantage is something that sets you apart from the competitors. Quality, pricing, exceptional services, anything can become your competitive advantage but you need to think about it.

Analyze Customers:

Similarly, you need to analyze the potential customers. You can arrange surveys in this regard to help you with the best results. You can find what your customers are expecting. What are their actual problems? By talking to them, you can get a better understanding about your customers without putting in your investment. The negative feedback can be a way to help you in refining your initial idea to a better one.

Pen down the Plan

Usually, business plans are the best way to pen an awesome idea down in the best possible way. You can hire a professional or can use the formats available online for this purpose. At this stage, you’ll have to highlight your resources, and the ways through which you are going to conduct the business.

Moreover, human resource feasibilityalso becomes important at this stage of your business idea. So, once you got the awesome idea, it is essential that you write it down formally. There can be multiple options for funding it, hiring human resources and other resources required for the business. Without noting them down, you won’t be able to execute the idea in the best possible way.

If you have got the awesome idea, then you must hurry and complete the planning phase, so that you can execute it. If you take the time to plan out your new business idea, you won’t just build a business; you’ll build a successful one. However, you must not take too much time that anyone else would capitalize on it.