These phenomenal social media marketing predictions can bring drastic improvements in your business. Learn from the experts directly. 

Are you looking to rely on social media platforms for the upcoming year? Then you would definitely want to have some strong understanding of the usage of major social media platforms. We are sure that you’ll actually love some social media marketing predictions for the next year. These predictions coming from the experts are definitely going to be more valuable for you. So, let’s start with these social media marketing tips right away.

Social Media Marketing Predictions:

Here are some of the social media predictions, coming directly from the experts for you:

1. Facebook Ads are going to get more expensive in the year 2020:

The first special media prediction that we the sharing with you comes from Charlie Lawrence, CEO of Gecko Squared.

He has predicted that the cost of advertising on Facebook is going to be a lot more than it currently is. Although the exact expectations about the price increase have not been shared by him, he has highlighted a threefold solution to deal with the issue.

He has advised that companies or advertisers should be reviewing their Facebook ads more often to get the best out of them and limit the cost per lead.

Secondly, the average order value from the client must be made better to get the most advantage from the cost of the ads. Lastly, he believes that measuring the value of the return based on the lifetime value could be more beneficial for the generation of a better return on the investment made.

2. LinkedIn CPC is also higher:

The CPC for LinkedIn advertisements has gone higher in the last quarter. This could be because of more advertisers shifting to LinkedIn because of the high CPC of Facebook. But this trend is yet to be determined and would be clarified after seeing the CPC of LinkedIn in January.

According to Aj Wilcox, this is one of the social media predictions for the year. He says that it is rational to start the bids on LinkedIn at the lowest possible price. Usually, LinkedIn does not provide the lower bid, so you can start at $2 And then wait for the LinkedIn message to know the lowest bid.

Additionally, he also advises that you should not go for audience expansion option as opting for this suggestion would make you pay for showing the ads to the audience that you haven’t selected as the main one.

3. Organic Video Content is gaining prominence:

The other social media marketing predictions highlight the importance that video content is gaining. This time it is the organic video content. According to Michael Stelzner, marketers are focusing on generating useful video content and promoting it on Facebook and YouTube. Even IGTV is gaining more prominence.

Now it is up to you to use this special social media marketing tip and generate maximum benefit for yourself and your business.

4. Stories Format is gaining popularity:

Mari Smith has predicted that social media marketing on Facebook is going to revolve around the “stories” more. According to her, the stories get higher prominence in the mobile application, and most of the users today use these applications through mobile applications.

These short spanned stories can attract more customers, depending on how the advertisers use this feature. Additionally, she predicts that these platforms might start giving higher importance to stories in comparison to the other formats.

5. Personalized experiences for the customers are a must now:

You would have observed that brands and companies are now investing in channels where they can create a personalized experience for their users. This has been usually managed through the use of personalized forums. This social media marketing prediction comes from Jessika Philips.

In order to build deeper relationships, the brands are taking a direct stance on the issues that they think are important for the world. This helps them in creating a better image in the minds of their audience and potential audience.

Similarly, providing facilities like booking an appointment through social media platforms, messenger interactions, and shopping within social media platforms are some of the things that businesses have already started using.

So, if you haven’t relied on this mechanism yet, then it is necessary that you should do it as you can because this is going to be the trend in the year 2020.

6. Stereotypic marketing isn’t s strategy anymore:

Marketing based on the same old templates or using the same traditional channels isn’t the right way to generate impact for your audience. Why? Because Dan Knowlton believes that it looks like marketing. So, it won’t generate any better results.

In order to break the ice between the brands and the customers, it is essential that you must understand what type of content does your audience enjoys, which platforms to use, and how to help them in solving their problem.

By following these guidelines, you can expect to generate the right kind of result from your marketing activities.

7. Reduce the social media platforms that you use as a brand:

This piece of advice from Amanda Bond might look strange. She believes that you should not target the audience on different platforms with the same message because the audience on all the platform is different and have different content needs.

It would be far better if you’ll try to master the algorithm of one social media platform at a time and leave the rest if you aren’t using it.

However, this suggestion does not mean that you should limit the use of social media platforms even if you are creating the platform-specific content for your users.

8. Niche based marketing is going to be the road to your success:

Peg Fitzpatrick has suggested that you should not be opting for all the audience on all the forums; rather, the right approach would be to choose the specific forum and get to the right audience. Thus implementing the niche marketing strategy.

In 2020, you shouldn’t be investing your valuable resources to make your message fit for all. You should be concerned about your own audience and target them through the right forum.

9. Pinterest and LinkedIn are going to be the best platforms for the year 2020:

Andrew Hubbard believes that both these platforms weren’t too prominent in the year 2019 and had an image of expensive platforms when it comes to CPC.

Moreover, he also believes that the life of content on all the social media platforms is limited. But Pinterest can actually generate long-term results. So, it would be beneficial for marketers to shift their focus on Pinterest.

Similarly, LinkedIn is transforming and attracting more marketers towards it. So, generating a return from it would be much more important than the other social media platforms.

10. Ensure Micro engagements on Instagram:

Creating micro engagements on Instagram is going to help you in setting up the image of the real brand in the eyes of the consumers.

If some user has interacted with any of your stories, then it is important that you should reply to them with a personalized message or voice note.

Sometimes, people might tag your location instead of your business name, so try to search for that as well when checking for the mentions and tags that your brand name has on social media. This is one of the social media marketing tips coming from experts.

11. Authentic content is going to prevail:

Up till now, everything that the influencers had said got the value. But not everyone has had great experiences from their trust on influencers, according to Rachel Pederson. This is why, according to him, authentic marketing is important.

Here are some of the social media marketing predictions and tips that this expert has given to the users.

  • Try TikTok
  • Go live
  • Record podcast with real-life scenarios
  • Drop the face filters
  • Try using video content
  • Tell the truth

12. Artificial intelligence is growing:

Artificial intelligence is going to be the next big thing, and social media is going to be affected by it. This is why one of the social media marketing experts, Carlos Gil, has shared the social media marketing predictions about artificial intelligence impacting social media lives.

With the use of artificial intelligence, the aim would be to humanize your brand. Here are some of the steps that have been highlighted by our social media marketing experts:

  • Create content as it is coming from an individual
  • Engage in actual conversations
  • Highlight the employees behind your brand
  • Give a voice to customers as well.


These 12 social media predictions are going to determine the winner of the next year. Are you up for this challenge? Try and adopt as many of these social media marketing tips as you can.

We wish that you can attain your social media marketing goals for your business despite the rapidly changing social media environment.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section below.