With the changing social media marketing trends, you should not just be relying on the existing trends and look from a futuristic point of view.

Statistics like 2.45 billion active Facebook users and 80% of the content used globally would be based on videos, are too old to help you in strategizing ahead. These social media trends were highly important in 2019, but with the rapidly changing dynamics, these trends are too old.

Most of the leading companies have already utilized these statistics and predictions of social media trends 2019 in their favor. And definitely, they are seeing the results now. If you have been part of such companies, then it is quite great. You would require a few tweaks in your current strategy. Then you’ll be good to go for the year 2020 too.

However, businesses that haven’t yet started utilizing the social media trends in their favor will have to be serious about social media now. At least by this time, they should have realized that social media is no joke. Neither it is a waste of time for people and companies who want to earn something. But yes, we can’t guarantee this for personal use.

We hope we are on the same page now. If yes, then you must be wondering how the year 2020 is going to be when it comes to social media usage. So, that’s the main question, and this is what we are going to discuss here in this article today. Fasten your seat belts as you might get some bumpy statistics shared in this article that would really surprise you.

Social Media Trends 2020:

Some digital marketing trends that you should definitely take care of in 2020 are listed below. Make sure to follow these trends for the growth of your business. There is still some time in getting a comeback. Don’t make it too late for your business, or you won’t even get a chance here.

1. Influencer marketing is going to be a new reality:

59% of businesses plan to increase their budget for influencer marketing in the year 2020. Similarly, the return on investment for influencer marketing is more in many cases. But at least the same when compared with the other forms of marketing.

We hope that you’ll be aware of influencer marketing and the way the companies are using this technique. Customers are giving high preference to the opinion of the experts in the specific niche. Now, celebrities are not considered the only ones who can exert an influence over others. Things have gone beyond that.

Now there are micro-influencers who can help you in generating sales for your products in the relevant audience. Either you want to create your brand image or are it the introduction of new products; in any case, this social marketing trend is getting high prominence.

If you aren’t sure how to use this digital marketing trend, then you can refer to this complete guide about influencer marketing here. It covers all the processes that you need to know for executing the complete influencer marketing strategy.

2. Sales on social media:

If you are a business owner, then you must be utilizing this trend for increasing your sales by targeting the right audience at the right time. What we are talking about is direct sales through social media.

You might not have seen much of the brands using this strategy up until now. But in the next year to come, we should be expecting a boost in these sales as well. The brands would be targeting and selling their products right away on social media, limiting the requirement to use a specific platform for generating leads or sales for the business.

Moreover, it is highly possible that this trend of using social media platforms for direct sales would shift to the startups and smaller brands as well. So, even if you are a startup or running a small business, you should make sure that you set up a mechanism where you can capitalize on this trend and gain maximum benefit from it.

3. Stories on different social media platforms have the most potential:

This feature was introduced in SnapChat initially, but now in 2019, you have seen nearly all the social media platforms offering this feature.

At the moment, you might not see the real benefit of these stories, but in the days to come, these stories are expected to generate most revenues for the businesses. Firstly, because these stories are featured, they can get higher attention from users. Secondly, they are available for a limited time, so brands can use then as an opportunity to provide flash sales or other such benefits to the customers. This will actually use the power of “fear of missing out” into play and get most of the benefit out of it.

So, up till now, if the stories of your social media pages weren’t your main focus, then we would suggest you make them one rather start utilizing the flash offer and discount coupon for the users. Utilizing them early would help you in keeping your audience intact. Moreover, you’ll develop loyal viewership on social media once they realize that you give discounts through the stories. Would that help in increasing sales and bringing customer loyalty?

4. You should be ready to capitalize on Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality is no longer limited to the special devices where you had to go for specially downloaded videos. Now, this technology is available in your ordinary devices. So, don’t you think that this is going to impact social media marketing trends for the year 2020?

If you were in doubt, then this example from Ikea would make it easier for you to understand. Ikea has already started providing the augmented reality experience to the users through its application. Now you can check your favorite furniture items by seeing them virtually in the specific area where you want to place the particular item. Customers are definitely going to prefer Ikea and its products for this feature in comparison to the other brands available in the market.

It is not limited to the furniture industry only. Now you can expect it to spread all over the spectrum. It will allow people to try products before they would actually buy them. Companies using these digital marketing trends would get the most benefit, whereas the ones who won’t use this trend in the upcoming year would lose the market instantaneously.

5. Utilization of chatbots:

You might be thinking that chatbots are already in use, so how strong can this trend grow in the upcoming year. Here, you are right to some extent. You can see a chatbot working on most of the social media platforms by most of the businesses. However, most of these chatbots are of limited use.

Most of them can only answer pre-written answers or learn from the conversations that people have with these chatbots. But now the dynamics in this industry have altered a lot. Now the chatbots can find the answers to your questions by searching the internet too.

Just imagine, bots searching bots. Would there really be anything that won’t grab the attention of these bots? So, with this advancement in chatbots, you can simply replace the customer representatives with these bots completely. Be available for your customers, and target audience 24/7 with the same level of service.

This social media-marketing trend can help you in saving a lot of your money and providing you with the best possible services to keep your customers happy.

6. Focus on social media communities:

Another social media trend that was once in use completely but has been neglected over the years is the social media communities. In the social media trends 2019, social media communities were totally ignored. The greater focus was on generating leads and sales rather than providing the answer to the queries that the customers and potential customers might have.

But for the social media trends of 2020, the development of communities on social media and engaging by providing all the possible help to the potential customers are again going to get a higher value.

Some of the brands have already become active again in these communities again and are providing meaningful answers to the queries that the customers are facing. This actually helps in building more trust of the customers on your brand. And the result is more sales and a higher reputation of the brand.

“While social communities aren’t a new concept, how brands build them is changing the way we interact with them. There are many brands, both B2C and B2B, that have massive followings with no real engagement. The bottom line is your online presence should expand your reach, to ultimately drive more conversions” Bridget Poetker

Similar review for the community creation was presented by Neal Schaffer “I’m not talking about engagement so that your content shows up better in the algorithm, but actually thanking those people in your community not only when they comment or engage with your content but actually proactively reaching out to them like a social media user would reach out to a friend. If your business wants to survive in organic social media in 2020, I believe that this sort of humanization of your brand will be necessary.” – Neal Schaffer.

7. Rise of alternative platforms:

If you are expecting that the existing platforms of social media would continue to work throughout 2020, then you might have to be disappointed a bit, as the statistics do not show that.

Over the years, people are actually leaving social media platforms. Only in the last year, 6% of the people surveyed in the UK have deleted their accounts from at least one of the social media applications; 6% have removed the application from their phone; and around 8% of the people have removed the application and deleted the account as well.

So, with these statistics, you can actually see the impact that it could create in the social media marketing trends. But this trend does not show that the current forums are going anywhere anytime soon. However, it definitely implies that people feel over-consumed by the leading social media platforms and are shifting to other social media platforms. The rise of TikTok is one of the applications.

“Speaking of TikTok, this platform keeps growing very rapidly. Marketers and business owners, whose target audience is teenagers and young people, should definitely consider TikTok as a winning marketing platform. TikTok is already an attractive platform for YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch bloggers since its effortless and fun to make videos and gain fame there.” Klara Alexeeva

8. Marketers have high expectations from niche platforms:

This can be considered as a continuation of the previous heading that we have discussed. But it is not only about the trend of new platforms. It is a bit deeper than that. Now the niche-specific platform is getting more value from the users. For example, Twitch is more prominent in the gaming community.

You can’t even expect to succeed to the highest level if you don’t use Twitch for all the gaming-related discussions and marketing of your games. This is true in all other cases too.

9. Customer service is going to be managed through social media:

Up till now, social media platforms have been only used for creating engagement or leads for businesses. But these platforms have not been used for reducing customer dissonance in 2020; social media trends show that this platform would also be used for providing customer service.

The customers would be able to get answers to the specific questions or queries that the customers have. They won’t have to go through the formal procedure of contacting customer support through specific platforms,

So, if you were just entering the business world, it would be better to use this digital marketing trend. It would help you in keeping ahead of your competitors. At the same, it would also assist you in reducing the cost of customer support mechanism that you would have set otherwise. And obviously, while dealing with customers on social media platforms, you won’t have to be very formal and create stronger relationships with your customers.

“In the same way that social media became a real alternative for actual social life, it is rapidly evolving as a customer service tool. Companies have taken notice of this and offer more and more customer service through social media. Brands have developed more active social accounts significantly, all for the sake of interacting with the massive user base spread across social media channels.” Dmitrii Kustov

10. Removal of likes by Instagram:

The removal of likes on Instagram is not going to be as simple as it seems to be. Without likes being shown on the posts publicly, judging the influence of the marketers wouldn’t be easy for the advertisers. So, this will attract more advertisers to spend money on Instagram ads rather than paying influencers. Thus, this move could be made by Instagram for increasing revenue.

There is another option that Instagram might use. It might allow advertisers to have the data about the highest engaging influencers etc. by paying some money. So, this trend would actually have to be monitored closely. Based on which the influencer marketing on Instagram would fall or rise.

However, according to the current predictions, there is no chance that influencer marketing would reduce in any way. Advertisers will utilize some other metrics. Or measure the engagement levels through other key performance indicators than the “likes” of the post.

11. Video content is not going anywhere:

Video content is already gaining a lot of attraction from the audience. Each of the platforms is giving the highest value to the video content. But if you think that this trend is going anywhere, then you are completely wrong.

Video content is going to reach 82% for the entire content available online by 202200. These statistics have been reported by a study conducted by Cisco. Although some of the studies have predicted 2019 to be the year crossing the 80% content mark; it has not managed to reach this level up till now.

This means that the companies and businesses who have not been using video content are still being seen somewhere. But if such businesses would still ignore the importance of the video content, it is highly unlikely that they’ll get any share of the market in the online world.

So as a business owner, the important social media marketing trend asks you to invest in the creation of video content to succeed further.

“As for the most exciting social media marketing opportunity, it has to be video. The industry has been talking about the adoption of video for the last few years. And we have seen prominent developments and adoption of social media networks – from better options for Facebook Live to how Instagram Stories are overtaking the use of SnapChat. The great news is that there are plenty of tools available for you to get a head start; Adobe Spark and Animoto are some of my favorites.” Veronika Baranovska

12. Audio search results will get a higher market share:

Just like the dominance of video marketing, the role of audio search queries would be a lot more in 2020 in comparison to the social media trends 2019.

In a prediction by Comscore, it has been revealed that 50% of all the searches in the US would be voice searches.

This shows the importance that you should give to the voice search results even in 2020. One of the best things that you should do here is to fix your existing content and optimize it for the voice searches as it will require lesser efforts of yours and can generate better and more positive results quickly in comparison to the creation of new content.

13. Give high importance to data security:

One of the social media trends in business is to give high importance to the security of data. While using social media, it is very easy to collect information from users. But it is essential that the highest priority is given to the security of data on the users.

It is included in the social media trends are first because the collection of information is mainly done through social media these days. Secondly, this year you would have seen different social media networks facing penalties for not keeping the information about their users safe.

You definitely don’t want to breach the data regulations set by different countries and domains; thus, it is necessary that you should have a deeper understanding of what is included in the security and breach of data. This will help you in devising policies that would keep you in line with the set data security guidelines.

14. Privacy would be another domain that you’ll need to be careful about:

You’ll have to take care of the privacy of the data of the users as well. You just can’t take any information from the users without their consent or without prior notification. This is considered illegal. Although it has always been illegal, it is getting higher importance as social media marketing trends because we have recently seen serious concerns of the audience about the privacy of data.

Different organizations have been funds involved in the breach of the privacy of the consumer data, and they have been fined heavily. Facebook and YouTube are two such examples. So you don’t want to be part of any such scandal, isn’t it?

This is why it has been given the status of the digital marketing trend, and you’ll have to abide by it if you want your business to keep on winning the trust of the users and abide by the legal procedures, then it is important to continue transparently.

15. “Lives” are getting prominence:

You would have observed that “lives” are getting importance on all social media platforms. This trend started with YouTube, then has been quite prominent on Facebook. But not it is not limited to both of these platforms only. Instagram has also launched a live feature on the platform.

The use of “lives” is going to be an important social media marketing trend because of the level of engagement; it allows advertisers to create with their audience. You can simply go live portraying the right brand image, and you can expect higher customer trust in your brand.

The interactivity that the live sessions provide to the users can be one of the best ways to engage the audience. This is particularly true when we are talking about a startup or a small business.

In both these conditions, you have the choice to create the desired impact on the audience. However, it is you who is going to determine the direction and the ultimate result that you’ll get.

“What’s becoming increasingly evident, though, is that it’s not enough to just ‘go live’ – you have to be able to offer a high production value and deliver excellent, engaging content.” Mike Allton.

So, with this insight from Allton, it is highly important that you should create something meaningful for your audience rather than just creating a video or a live session. You’ll have to decide what are you going to deliver to your customers and what benefit would they get. By asking these questions, you’ll be in a better position to get the most out of this social media marketing trend.

16. Prominence of social TV:

Launched in 2018, this application has been gaining prominence and is one of the most famous marketing trends that businesses should be taking care of. This platform can allow you to publish longer videos for the audience. So, if you need to share some informational content about your company or the products that you are offering for the users, then you can definitely rely on this social media TV.

It is highly likely that after seeing the adoption level of social TV from Instagram, other social media platforms might release their social TVs too. So, you should keep this social media trend business in mind and create your content accordingly.

17. Changes in Organic Reach:

If you think that, you won’t need all these social media marketing trends for your business. Or if you would reach your audience without the help of social media (solely through organic research options), then you are fairly mistaken. Because the algorithms of the search engines keep on changing to keep the search engines working in the best possible way for the users.

So, you’ll have to modify your content in a way that your audience would find it not valuable. Only, in that case, you can expect to get a higher reach. This is true for both organic search and social media platforms.

Thus, in any case, you’ll have to follow the digital marketing trends and create the content suiting the needs of the audience in the best possible way.

“With more businesses utilizing advertisement through search engines such as Google Ad Words, 2018 saw the most competitive ‘bidding war’ yet for certain keywords, with businesses having to alter bids significantly and, in some cases, daily to remain competitive, with a chance of being visible.” Dean Burrows

18. Local targeting would be more important:

You would have heard that in SEO, local targeting is given higher importance. This trend is going to be prevalent in social media too.

The different brand uses geographical targeting by enabling geotags in their stories. You can also do that by providing your location on your social media profile, and the rest would be handled by the platform on its own.

This type of posts works the best in a situation when you want to target a local audience specifically. Or to provide the local audience with some specific discounts. Just get help from the local social media marketing and grab a special chunk of customers right away.

19. Personalization will be taken more seriously:

In most of the cases, you can see personalization to be in play already. Don’t you see specific advertisements related to the products that you have searched on the search engine?

But this element of personalization would go to another level in 2020. You’ll see the data collected by social platforms used in the best possible way.

So, if you want to place some advertisements on social media platforms, you’ll be able to generate the best results out of them, provided that you have utilized the ads platform in the best possible way.

20. Importance would be given to what the audience is saying:

Social listening is going to be rhea new social media marketing trend for businesses as well in the upcoming year. You’ll see brands focusing on what the users are saying and modifying their products, offerings, and even the stand image according to these offerings.

You can utilize these trends well and utilize some specialized told that can help you in finding how do customers react about your brand and how do they want it to grow. With all this knowledge, you’ll be in a better position to transform and generate better results for your business.

Additionally, it will also help in the creation of content that would have a higher chance of being liked by the users.

21. User-generated content will continue to gain importance:

Even in 2020, user-generated content will get more prominence. You can treat it like the influencer marketing technique. However, in this case, you might not need to approach them and ask customers to talk about your brand. They’ll do it on their own. But for that, you’ll have to make sure that you create a positive image of your brand in the eyes of your customers. The negative experience would create a negative image and you’ll be negatively talked about on social media. And you won’t really want it for your business.

However, if you are willing to take this trend to another level, then you might want to create some specific focus groups. These groups would be responsible for talking about your brand on different social media platforms. But for that, you’ll need to be sure that they should be the real customers. Otherwise they won’t be able to take this strategy in the best possible way. 


In this article, we have tried to cover as much social media marketing trends as we could. With these social media trends, you’ll definitely be able to have a secure future for your business. We’ll suggest you to prioritize these trends and work on a few of them at a time.

It will help you in executing things in a better way. In case you have any other questions or any sort of feedback on this article, then we would love to hear that. Please share it in the comments section below.