LinkedIn is revolutionizing its “Thought Leader Ads” program with an expansion. In the past, only verified employees could promote content, but now, be prepared for sponsored organic posts from any user!

Establishing Relationships via Branded Content:

This update signifies LinkedIn‘s move towards a more dynamic content ecosystem. Here is a step-by-step guide on how it functions:

  • Brands Take the Wheel:
    Companies can target specific posts (think industry expert insights or positive customer reviews) that resonate with their brand.
  • User Approval Required:
    The power ultimately lies with the post’s creator. They’ll receive a notification and can choose to approve or deny the sponsorship request.
  • Transparency is Key:
    Sponsored posts will be clearly labeled to inform viewers of the brand involvement.

A Win-Win for Engagement:

This update has the potential to benefit both users and brands:

  • User Amplification:
    Content creators with valuable insights can gain wider reach and recognition within their industry.
  • Brand Advocacy:
    Businesses have the opportunity to utilize reputable individuals to enhance their message and establish brand trustworthiness.
  • Increased Engagement:
    Sponsored content with genuine user perspectives could lead to more meaningful interactions for all parties.

Keeping it Clean and Collaborative:

While exciting, it’s important to remember that not every organic post is sponsorship-worthy. Here’s what to consider:

  • Relevance:
    Ensure the chosen post aligns with your brand message and target audience.
  • Quality:
    Look for high-quality content that resonates with your brand values.
  • Transparency:
    Always disclose the sponsorship clearly within the promoted post.

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