The three strategies to enhance productivity are given in detail. I hope these details can be helpful.

1. Focus on your priorities :

One of the strategies to enhance productivity is to focus on your priorities.

You can find a connection between focus and motivation. You must set priorities and try to focus on these priorities in all the possible ways. All the things that you do must be based on these priorities. In case any of the other opportunities don’t match your set priorities, you must not go for them. This is because expanding the scope of your focus will not let you concentrate on the initial priorities set.

It is better that you must reaffirm your priorities by spending some time on daily basis. The daily reitration of the priorities will help you in getting at a better strategy and the overall evaluation of the objectives achieved. Moreover, you’ll be able to know how far have you gone and how can you enhance your productivity to a further level.

The important thing here is that in case you aren’t focussed at the start of a day. You can find some related activity to your set priorities. It will help you in finding the way out of the way to get over it. Once you’ll get over this feeling, you’ll be motivated again for your priorities. And will be able to concentrate them in a better way.

This is because motivation is dependent on focus. If you’ll have the focus, you’ll become motivated and vice versa

2. Motivation might not provide the trigger:

It is not essential that you’ll have the right kind of motivation every time. There are times when you aren’t motivated at all. But the lack of motivation doesn’t exempt you from working. Journalist Melissa Dahl shared an advice in 2016:

“You don’t have to feel like getting something done in order to actually get it done.”

You cannot be excited about a particular idea before starting any activity. There are instances where you need to complete the work without even motivation because it is the requirement. For example, you should finish your presentation rather than watching a random show on Netflix.

“Who says you need to wait until you ‘feel like’ doing something in order to start doing it? The problem, from this perspective, isn’t that you don’t feel motivated; it’s that you imagine you need to feel motivated.”

Following routines can be helpful rather than going for some specific feelings. By following the specific routine, you’ll be able to engage in the required task. It is one of the strategies to enhance productivity. However, if you’ll focus on your emotions, you’ll get a lethargic feeling, leading to time wastage.

3. Delegation is important:

you cannot manage all the tasks on your own. You’ll have to define the series of responsibilities for your team members and delegate the tasks that would lead to the completion of targets set. However, you can’t be expecting results if you haven’t assigned all the power to the other members of the team. With powers, come the accountability. You’ll need to make your team members accountable for the tasks assigned to them.

But delegation cannot be an option, if you have just initiated the business. You might have to handle more than your capabilities at the start. But as soon you are able to hire someone, you should. As it will ease up your journey.

As a founder, your job is to work on the business, not in it. According to author Ray Silverstein,

“There is a bridge every entrepreneur must cross in order to grow a business beyond a certain point, a point where they must transition from ‘doing’ to ‘leading.’ It means stepping back from day-to-day operations and slipping into the role of overseer.”

Enjoy the ride:

Just don’t keep on searching for the motivation. Make sure you take pleasure in what you do and your life and goals will become a lot easier to handle. You’ll be able to take up the journey effortlessly.

These are strategies to enhance productivity that you can employ to get the best routine. Moreover, there are high chances that you’ll actually achieve your prioritized goals with greater ease.