TikTok Taps Teens for Trust: New Youth Council Focuses on Safety.

TikTok is taking a new step towards creating a safer space for its younger users. In March 2024, they announced the formation of a global Youth Council, comprised of 15 teens aged 15-18 from around the world.

This council isn’t just a token gesture. These teens will act as direct advisors to TikTok, providing invaluable insights on teen safety concerns and preferences. Their diverse backgrounds – hailing from countries like the US, Brazil, and Kenya – ensure a well-rounded perspective on the platform’s global impact.

Why a Youth Council?

TikTok has faced criticism for content that may be harmful to young users, like cyberbullying or unrealistic beauty standards. The Youth Council is a way to address these concerns head-on by getting the user group most affected directly involved.

This isn’t just about safety, though. The council will also weigh in on features and content to make sure TikTok stays engaging and inclusive for teens. They’ve already begun providing feedback on the redesigned Youth Portal and requesting more transparency on content moderation.

What TikTok Youth Council Means for You?

Here’s what this means for you:

  • Safer TikTok for Teens:
    With teen insights guiding safety features, TikTok aims to become a more positive and secure space for young users.
  • Empowered Users:
    The Youth Council’s involvement highlights TikTok’s commitment to user feedback and fostering a sense of agency among its young audience.
  • Open Dialogue:
    This initiative paves the way for a more open conversation between platforms and their users, particularly teens, about online safety.

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