After the massive success of your TikTok content, have you been considering to redirect your followers to another platform? The reasons are obvious. TikTok does not allow easy monetization, which obviously creates resentment, and we believe it is genuine. But we have some good news for the creators of TikTok! TikTok monetization is closer than you think. Excited? You should be. Now you can get the reward for your content just like the creators on the other social platforms.

This news must be particularly exciting for the creators with millions of followers already. Want to know how is monetization going to work, and how far is it before it reaches you? We are sharing all these details in this article. So, keep reading, and you’ll get to know everything that you would like to know about the monetization of TikTok.

Recent TikTok monetization policy:

Let’s start the monetization considerations for TikTok with the recent and most prominent development. Recently, the administration of TikTok decided to introduce the advertisement program for the creators that would no longer remain limited to the boundaries of TikTok application only. Rather it would be similar to the existing advertisement networks that are currently run by other digital media applications like Facebook and Snap chat.

What’s the current status of the TikTok Monetization policy?

Currently, it has been open to beta testing, in the Asian market. The countries of China and Japan are the primitive ones to get this opportunity. If you have been following TikTok and its owner closely, then the initial testing of the advertisement platform, in Asia, won’t come as a surprise to you. Having a stronghold in the Chinese and Japanese market, these were indeed the obvious countries to initiate any new effort. However, the TikTok users of the United States must not get demotivated as the success of this advertisement platform is definitely going to be replicated for the US and other markets as well.

Even in the Asian region, only a few agencies are able to view the biddable ads and interest-based targeting options. This is because this project “to earn money through TikTok” is in its testing phase. There are a number of things that would require proper review before everyone would be eligible for the benefits that this advertisement program is going to bring in.

Why is monetization of TikTok occurring?

We would call TikTok one of the progressive applications, which know the market trends, and the implications of the decisions made by the company. Despite being valued as one of the prominent digital platforms currently, the management knows that the success of the application won’t continue for long without the monetization. Why? Because the creators creating good content usually have a high following and these creators are responsible for creating high engagement of viewers with the platform. But what do they get in return? Recognition from their followers. Obviously, this is important, but we were talking in monetary terms. Nothing! (There are a few ways to get income through TikTok accounts; we’ll be talking about them later in the article).

The same situation was faced by “Vine.” Many of you will have some memories associated with this platform. Initially, people liked the concept of small videos. Even they went viral as well. But today no one knows about it. The most prominent reason here was the lack of monetization facility. The content creators who managed to produce effective and viral content started switching to platforms like YouTube because YouTube valued its creators and provided them with 55% of the earnings. Thus, this redirection of traffic to YouTube and other such platforms reduced the value of Vine in the eyes of its visitors.

Just to limit this possibility, TikTok has been concerned to create the advertising platform that would provide the real benefits to the creator of content along with the audience. The current beta testing from the management of TikTok is a step forward in this direction.

What is the beta-testing program for TikTok monetization?

If you are wondering how this beta program is being implemented in China, then we are going to discuss it for you here in this section. One of the prominent breakthroughs here is the introduction of the special audience system of TikTok. This customized audience system actually ensures the application to micro-target the audience and let the right kind of videos reach the right audience. Such a targeted audience system is going to give the brands and advertisers the real value for their money, thus an opportunity for the creators to get monetary benefits from this deal as well.

The documentation being associated with the TikTok’s management says that the media buyers would have a choice to choose between two types of advertisements. These include full-page advertisement and advertisements in the free to play games.

Why is TikTok not using the traditional marketing format?

The one and the only reason that TikTok is deliberately avoiding the traditional advertising media, which is being used by YouTube and Facebook, is the specific format on which the application is designed. What comes to your mind when we talk about interactive and small-length videos? Obviously TikTok. This is what this social platform has established its reputation. So, displaying an advertisement would reduce the “flash” image that it has developed over time in the audience’s mind.

Some other opportunities currently available for TikTok monetization:

Following TikTok closely shows that it is still providing the content creators with an opportunity to earn money with TikTok. But these methods are not widely known, and even they aren’t as easy as the newly planned earning mechanism. However, till the time you wait for the beta program to be successful, you can get the monetization of your TikTok account through the following ways:

A. Influencer Marketing:

With the help of organic following, you can market certain brands to your audience and as a result, earn paychecks from the brand owners.

B. Affiliate Marketing:

You can also provide your audience with a special link through which you’ll earn money on each of the sales made through your special affiliate link.

C. Live Streaming:

You can stream live and get tips from different donors to continue the good work that you have been doing.

D. Endorse other channels:

With more than 25000 followers on your own profile, you can share other channels and promote them. In return, you’ll get money from the owners of the profile that you are promoting.

E. Product Selling:

Selling your own products can also be one of the ways through which you can earn money from TikTok. Promoting the product would increase sales, and in turn, your revenues will increase.

Although these are some of the existing ways to earn money through this digital marketing platform. But none of these platforms involves the TikTok platform directly. For all of these earning tactics to come into play, you need private dealings. This is why the new advertisement system is the most awaited one by the content creators of TikTok.


While you are waiting for the complete launch of the advertisement platform of TikTok, why don’t you share the number of your followers on your TikTok profile in the comments section? It would be interesting to know how many people from our community would be getting the benefit from the upcoming monetization of TikTok.