TikTok is trying out increased perks for live subscribers to incentivize more people to join.
TikTok is enhancing the stakes for live streamers through the implementation of various new benefits that they can provide to their subscribed audience. This move comes two years after the platform first introduced live subscriber benefits, and it signals TikTok’s continued push to make live streaming a key revenue driver for creators.

Previously, live subscribers on TikTok enjoyed basic perks like subscriber badges displayed next to their usernames, with the option to upgrade the badge over time.

Overview of the New Perks:

Now, the platform is testing features that cater to deeper engagement and community building. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on the horizon:

  • Performance Requests:
    Subscribers could potentially request live performances from their favorite creators, adding a layer of interactivity and catering to viewer preferences.
  • Live Shoutout Prompts:
    Want a personalized shoutout during a live stream? Subscribers might soon be able to prompt creators to mention them during the broadcast, fostering a more connected experience.
  • Discord Role Integration:
    This perk could allow creators to reward subscribers with special roles within their Discord communities, providing exclusive access to channels or discussions.
  • Gaming Partnerships:
    Live streams often have a strong gaming presence. This perk, if implemented, could enable subscribed viewers to participate in exclusive in-stream gaming experiences alongside the creator.
  • Priority Comment Response:
    Subscribers might get their comments prioritized in the chat queue, ensuring their voices are heard first by the streamer.

This focus on live streaming perks reflects TikTok’s growing emphasis on this content format.
Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, has already seen tremendous success with live commerce streams, generating significant revenue for both creators and the platform. By enhancing the live subscriber experience, TikTok is likely hoping to replicate this success on a global scale.

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