University graduates usually don’t get jobs even after the completion of their degrees. People with High-paying job skills are an exception.

If you have been thinking that graduating from the university would actually lead you to a six-figure job right away, you are probably not aware of how the industry works. We know that you have spent a lot of years in mastering the educational aspect; you might even be a topper of your university. But who cares? Why would anyone hire you if you weren’t capable of completing the task assigned to you? 

Unfortunately, this is the bitter reality of life. However, what if you are capable of completing a task and showing your talent right after your graduation? But how is that possible? It is. If you can develop some high-paying job skills, then you’ll probably be hired even before your degree is completed. 

Do you want to know what these top 10 skills are? Stay tuned. We are sharing the list created by the World Economic Forum. This list is the most acceptable one because of the reputation of the forum involved. Secondly, it is not just a random list of skills. Complete surveys and interviews from different companies have been conducted, after which this current list of essential skills has been compiled by the forum. 

Skills that will get you high-paying jobs 2020:

One of the pieces of advice here is to try to acquire these high-paying job skills while you are studying. It will help you in mastering these skills, and you’ll be able to present yourself in a better way when you apply for any job opening. Here are the top ten skills that can get you highest paying jobs by 2020:

1. Problem Solving and Big Data Analysis:

We are in the digital age where data is one of the success pillars of every company, whether it is online or offline. So, the first essential skill that you should actually acquire is to learn data mining and to deal with big data. It does not end here. Analyzing data, interpreting, and then making valuable reports are some of the different aspects of problem-solving and big data. 

If you can acquire some special courses for these skills, or if you have a strong grip on the data handling already, then you’ll be demanded in the job market. This data mining science is gaining importance in the companies as well, and they are hiring new people. Moreover, when you’ll be able to learn how to use available data, you’ll be able to bring more value to your existing degree or skill too. So, you’ll get the highest paying jobs by 2020.

The best part is that when you’ll acquire this high-paying job skill, you can use your own knowledge and understanding to take it a new level. It doesn’t have to remain fixed to some rules always. If it would have, then machines have gone complex enough to handle the interpretation and decision-making. 

2. Critical thinking:

For most of you, this might not be an important skill or might require a lot of experience. Both of these stances are just myths about the acquisition of this skill. Critical thinking, in simple terms, is a mechanism through which you tend to extract useful data from the scattered information and arrange things in a logical manner, with deeper analysis through the indications that you get from the preliminary information. 

Although this skill tends to improve with experience, you’ll have to start from somewhere. Without starting it, you can’t even reach any level. So, it is better that you acquire this skill and use it in your studies to polish it for getting the perfect future job for you.

For summing up this entire skill, we are sharing this thought from Aristotle, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

3. Creativity:

Who doesn’t want a new idea in today’s rapidly changing world? But to actually get something unique and new, you require creativity, thus making it one of the other skills that you should acquire by 2020.

Creativity is one of the high-paying job skills , whether you are into the marketing department of the company or the product development one. Even the supply chain and finance can utilize creativity to reduce the number of tasks involved in getting the output. So, with this skill, you’ll probably land up on the job that you want within no time.

“Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”– Charles Mingus

To be honest if you know the art of being creative, it won’t require much of your effort. “Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”– Leo Burnett. Differently put, you’ll be so involved in your work that you won’t feel it work anymore. So, isn’t that one of the determinants in your dream job?

4. People Management:

Moving to machines is not possible at all; after all, we are all humans. But with the excessive use of the machine, what we have started lacking now is the art of managing people. So, if you are good at it or want to excel in it, then you have a bright career ahead. Additionally, this skill would also be your first skill would take you towards the leadership position.

So, in any department or in any field, the role of people management cannot be restricted. It will stay there, and you’ll probably have the edge if you’ll be good at it. And every employer is looking for someone who is good at something.

5. Coordinating with others:

You can also call it teamwork or a subsection of people Management; it is up to you. However, this essential skill is definitely amongst the skill-set that your employers would want from you.

Dealing with people internally and externally, both are important for the success of the business, and for that, you’ll have to coordinate. Production won’t start unless you coordinate with your supplier. Similarly, your products won’t sale if you won’t coordinate with distributors and even the end consumer.

Moreover, this is another leadership quality that can help you climb up the corporate ladder in the upcoming years. So, make sure to acquire this skill timely.

6. Emotional Intelligence:

Although we have been moving very rapidly towards machines and technology, certain things have not changed yet, and they are not even going to change in the future. While working in a business setting, you must have control over your emotions and the emotions of other’s too.

Here we don’t want you to manipulate or others or make them do what you want to do. But the point here is that you should know how to motivate the employees, to know what they are going through and how their emotional condition would impact you and the company.

It goes for your own situation too. You should not let others use you or your own internal condition to distract you from work. You should be strong enough to know what is bothering you and how would it actually resolve.

This is another high-paying job skill that you must have by 2020. Leadership is quite closely related to this trait, as well.

7. Judgment and decision-making:

You won’t find any machine that would tell you if project A is better or project B. for that, you need your own judgment skills. After gathering information, you should be able to analyze the positives and negatives of a decision properly, leading to a rationale decision backed by logical points.

Even at the entry-level, the companies look for decision-makers because there can be situations where you would be required to make decisions without guidance, so you must at least have a basic level of capabilities to ensure working in such a scenario. And obviously, as you move up the ladder, the requirement of the decision-making trait gets even more critical.

8. Service Orientation:

This is one of the essential skills that would involve people management to a considerable degree. You should be looking for ways through which you can help others in the best possible way. It could be from the customer’s perspective or from the perspective of helping other employees. In any case, you should know how can things be made better and how would others get the maximum satisfaction by using your existing resources.

If the industry that you want to join is related to marketing or HR, then the need for this skill would be most prominent in comparison to the other skills that we have discussed here.

9. Negotiation:

Making others agree to the point of mutual gain is a negotiation. Not everyone has this skill. Some people have more power to persuade others, whereas others don’t. But the good thing is that you can actually learn this skill and become a good negotiation.

It is the most important high-paying job skill for attorneys or people who are in a position to deal with the employees regarding their compensation or benefits or with the customers. Even for the people belonging to other fields, it can do wonders and be your plus point.

However, it is not as simple as it feels. This quote from Leigh Steinberg explains it all. “The only thing certain about any negotiation is that it will lead to another negotiation,” Leigh Steinberg. Similarly, negotiation isn’t only required for professional work, but personal relationships also work this way. “Relationships are a constant negotiation and balance,” Claire Danes

10. Cognitive Flexibility:

As each individual is different, so you cannot expect to deal with everyone in the same manner. Such a technique won’t work because of the different thought processes, conceptual development, and exposure to information. This is why you need to deal with others, keeping their thought process and emotional standing into account.

It is important for the companies and people hiring you because normally there are different tiers, and you need to be a part of that hierarchy structure. Lack of cognitive flexibility would disrupt the entire functioning of the organization, and no one would hire you for creating chaos.

This skill requires more practice than active learning. So, whenever you talk to others, you should deliberately try to evaluate your cognitive flexibility, and it will help you in going a long way.


These 10 high-paying job skills have been regarded as some of the essential skills for 2020. This is why we have shared them with you. Whether you have just enrolled in your university or are about to finish it, make the acquisition of these skills your first priority as it will help you in getting not only your first job but also all the other jobs and promotion would require these skills to be part of your personality.