With the rising use of technology in our everyday life, a number of new companies are springing up every day. Some of them aim to be limited in scale, but the others are ambitious enough to compete for some of the leading companies of the world. So, because of this immensely changing situation of the tech industry, you might want to have a look at some of the top tech companies in the world. It can help you in understanding the industry well. Moreover, as technology is trending in every sector, so you might want to know some of the prominent companies to get help from.
Similarly, the leading companies would have done something right so that they have got the top positions in the tech world. You can know them and learn some of the tips for your own business.

Top Tech Companies:

There can be multiple ways for the ranking of companies. You can rank by the yearly revenue, net worth or the benefits and salaries of the employees. Additionally, various other factors can be used for ranking, depending upon your choice or your needs.

We are going to highlight the biggest tech companies for the year 2018 on the basis of net worth. One of the amazing things that you would note here is by comparing the data and statistics from the previous years; you would come to know that most of the companies ranking on the top are maintaining this positions from a number of years now.

1. Apple Incorporation:

This won’t be something new for the followers of tech news, right? Apple Incorporation has been leading the tech industry soon after its revival from the possible bankruptcy. The smartphones of the company have been the reason for the prominence of Apple Incorporation in the market. However, other products including the Mac computers and iPods have their role in the current position on which Apple Incorporation is placed.

The worth of Apple in the year 2018 was $1 Trillion. $1Trillion – a handsome sum of money, right? We have used 2018 as the benchmark because that’s the official data that we have for this company and most of the other top tech giants.

2. Microsoft:

The company that can be ranked as number 2 on the list of the top tech companies of the world is Microsoft. Microsoft has made a comeback in the market with its new strategy. The introduction of the Windows operating system in the smartphones and the provision of software services for the businesses are the reason for the progress of Microsoft as a company.

The computer systems of Microsoft are a prominent reason for the addition of revenues and net worth to the company.

Additionally, the company is shifting the entire focus from the traditional to modern technology. The use of artificial intelligence is one such focus of the company that is also reflected in the mission statement of the company. The net worth of Microsoft is $855.4 billion.

3. Samsung Incorporation:

Just behind the Apple Incorporation and Microsoft is Samsung. Apart from the neck to neck competition in the mobile phone industry, Samsung has a total of three divisions in which it serves its customers. The mobile phones and the electronics of Samsung are known for their quality and are liked by the customers.

$765.26 billion is the net worth of Samsung. You can see a huge difference in the net worth between both the tech companies. However, there are other companies from different sectors available in between both of these companies.

4. Alphabet Incorporation:

You know this name but aren’t recollecting any of its products. This is not your problem only. We are so familiar with the other name of the company that we simply tend to forget it. You must be excited to know that, right? It is Google.

To the astonishment of most of you, Google is at a quite lower rank considering its biggest product the famous search engine. However, when measuring the overall profitability or revenues from this product, the other tech companies are performing far better. This is prominent from the net worth of the company as well, which is $756.85 billion.

If you are not aware of the other products of the company, then let me help you with that. Calico, the life extension company; Google X, the innovative technology developer; Fiber, a high-speed provider of the internet; and Nest, the smart home provider project, are under the Alphabet Incorporation.

5. Facebook:

One of the top tech companies that we probably use every day is Facebook. There are around 2.27 billion users of Facebook, thus showing the reach of the company in the lives of individuals around the world.

Currently, its net worth is $434.66 billion. It is actually acquired through the profits earned by the Facebook Ad platform. Additionally, the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram are also the reasons for the rising growth of the net worth of the company.

6. Intel:

The company is known for its processors and the semiconductor chips that are used in the computers. The innovation in the technology and the incorporation of innovative technology in the company has remained its forte over time. From large-sized processors to the smaller ones have been because of the research of the company in this division.

This research in the field has actually paid as well. This is why Intel exists in the top tech companies of the world today. The net worth of Intel is $220.33 billion. The current aim of the top tech giant is to deliver high-performance systems to the businesses which are in turn intended to impact the overall productivity and efficiency if the individuals.

7. IBM:

With a net worth of $112.47 billion, IBM is one of the top tech companies that is the oldest on the list of the top companies. Since its incorporation, the scope of business of the company has altered a lot. But it has still managed to top the chart.

IBM manufactures various hardware and software components of a system. It has started focusing more on the revenues from the software rather than the revenue from the production of the entire system or some of the hardware components of the computer.

8. Oracle:

The maintenance of net worth of $190.38 billion makes the company one of the top tech giants. The company is California based and deals with the manufacturing of hardware and software components of the computer. The investment in cloud computing is the basic driving force of the company along with the specialization of database management systems.

9. SAP:

The net worth of SAP is about $42.5 billion. It is a German originated software house, which is known for the creation of a number of pieces of business software for facilitating the operations and management of the business.

The restructuring of the company a few decades ago has actually resulted in its inclusion in the top tech companies of the world. Otherwise, the reliance of the company on its old business model would not have helped in the creation of an effective standing in the industry.

10. Cisco Systems:

Another technology conglomerate headquartered in California provides users with technology innovations. The company is not too old, but that is the beauty of technology companies. They can help you prevail in the market at a greater speed. The current net worth of Cisco Systems is $108.78 billion. But the same goes for their downfall. However, if you expect that technology companies can sustain their position for a longer period of time, you are probably wrong. For sustaining the position, it is important that the company indulges in frequent up gradation of the technological aspects om which the entire operations are based on generating the best results.

What makes these top tech companies prominent?

After highlighting the biggest tech companies in the world, you might be interested to know that what has made these companies in the top rank? Here are some of the factors that you can consider responsible for it:

a. Innovation:

From all these companies, you can clearly learn the feature of innovation. Not all of these companies have been adaptive to changing technology and trends in the market continuously. And it can be seen in the progress analysis of these companies over the year. However, the notable thing is that even taking the reactive approach (by some companies), these companies have identified the right trend and made the investment leading to their success.

b. High capital investment:

In order to rank on the top, mostly all of the companies have been started with high capital investment. They have not only started as high investment. Rather they have been plowing back the profits earned back to the business, which has helped them in generating these results today.

c. Employees are important:

Some of these companies are included in the list of the top tech companies to work for. So, these companies do realize that the employees are important for the success of any venture. However, despite the realization, a few prominent scandals of these companies do exist. You might argue if these scandals impact the profitability or net worth of these companies. But a real impact is definitely seen on the reputation of the company amongst customers and employees.

The potential good employees abstain from joining these firms, and as a result, the overall potential to success might lower. So, while considering your business, you must give special importance to qualified employees to generate the best results. You must make sure that your employees don’t face any sort of problem while working for you.

d. Strong Management:

After investing a considerable amount of capital in the company, you cannot expect to leave it as it is. You’ll need strong management to capitalize on the investment made and the business idea behind the company. All of these companies highlighted above had the opportunity of getting a strong management team. Whether it is Google or Facebook, you can witness the role of strong management for both of the companies.

What to learn from the top tech companies?

If you have been finding the lesson for your own business while reading the entire article, then the lesson here is that you need to keep innovating your business. So, that you can manage with the competition and the changing trends of the market.

However, if you have just been reading this article to know more about the top tech companies, then you would have noted a thing. And that is the companies once reaching to the top positions of the list are more likely to stay on the list with a few changes in the position. This is why it becomes difficult for the relatively new company to acquire a position on the charts. However, there is a chance that the new businesses can get the place but they’ll have to come up with extraordinary ideas. Only, then you’ll be able to see a new name in the list of the top tech companies.

Moreover, you can have a look at the article, “What made Mark Zuckerberg rich” to have a better idea about how innovative idea can help the companies. It can actually help you in getting the right insights for using the right idea.

You might also be able to see new names in the list of these companies if one of the existing companies on the list performs in an extremely worse manner for a few years. But, this is usually not seen as these companies have access to a lot of resources.