Do you want to promote your business online for the generation of more sales? Then you’ll find CPC as one of the most adequate methods for this purpose. For the beginners in digital marketing, who aren’t aware of what is CPC, we are going to explain CPC and its importance for you in detail. You can have in-depth information regarding this promotion technique and the ways through which it can help you boost your business.

What is CPC?

CPC is the acronym for cost per click. It is the cost that you pay every time your online advertisement is clicked by the users. It is also known as pay per click or PPC.

Who pays CPC and who gets it?

CPC is your cost that you’ll have to pay to the search engines like Google Adwords or Bing ads for placing your ads on their platforms. So, basically, it is your cost and income of search engines. You can run your marketing campaigns using this technique and increase the overall traffic to your business website. The best part of using this technique is that you only have to pay for the advertisement if it leads the customers to click on your advertisement. If you don’t get clicks to your ad, you don’t have to make the payment.

Is CPC the same for every ad?

No, CPC is different for different ads it depends upon a number of factors including the keywords, industry, and niche that you are targeting. Additionally, the competition for a keyword also determines the cost per click that you have to pay for a particular advertisement,

Significance of CPC:

CPC is an important technique because of a number of reasons. Here are a few of them:

a. Measure for success:

CPC is important because it can provide you the measure of your marketing expenditure in the online world. If you are paying too much for a single advertisement, and not generating enough benefits, then it is the time to revamp your marketing strategy or improve the quality of your advertisement. Your overall return on investment is going to be influenced by this rate.

b. You are in control:

Another important feature of CPC that make this marketing technique an effective one is that you can stop or pause your campaign anytime. You can start with a defined budget based on the time period through which you want to run the campaign. But in case, you feel that your advertisement is not generating the desired result, you can simply stop the campaign.

c. Determines your earning:

Apart from simply being the measure of success, CPC can also determine the earnings of your business. With CPC marketing technique, you can drive customers to your website. With a higher number of people visiting your web page, there are higher chances that the product or service that you are selling would generate the best results. The right targeting is important in getting this benefit as well, but the best thing is that CC allows you to target your audience. So, choosing the right kind of audience is not difficult.

Improving CPC:

There are two main ways to improving the cost per click of your advertisement. We have discussed both these ways below:

a. Improvement in the quality score:

Google runs an automatic system through which a higher quality score of advertisement is rewarded with lower CPC. So, if you manage to maintain CPC of around 6, then you can expect a discount ranging from 16% to 50%. If your quality score is 5, then it is the average 1. But if it is 4 or below, you are paying an excessively high cost for each of the clicks that you are generating for your website.

Some of the factors that can help you in improving your quality score are the creation of relevant ads, optimization of the ad content and the content on the landing page and increase in the click-through rate.

b. Expand and refine your audience to reach:

The other way to improve the overall CPC is to expand and refine the reach of your audience. You can find new keywords to target a wide range of audience that would generate maximum results for you. Similarly, refining the audience, so that your ad is shown to the people who are more likely going to convert is another way to improve your CPC. On Google Adwords, you get an option to include the negative words in your marketing campaign, so that the people who are least likely to convert should not see your ad.

Another important thing here is that you’ll have to keep a continuous eye on the cost per click of each of the keywords that you are using. So, the average cost per click remains lower, while adding new keywords to your ads, you’ll have to eliminate the previous ones.


CPC is one of the marketing techniques that can generate the best results for your online presence. Apart from increasing the traffic to your website, CPC can also help you target the right kind of audience so that you can get the maximum benefits. It is essential that you must improve the quality score of your ad and ensure that you are using the targeting options in the best possible way to generate the results.

We have tried to cover the important points, but there could be some specific questions that you would wish to ask. You can simply type your questions in the comment sections to solve your query. It might help the other readers as well. So, go ahead.