Like everyone, you must have faced issues in your electronic appliances, particularly in your computer and mobiles. You have not been alone the malware has been creating problems for the developers, owners of the website and even simple internet users. Have you ever thought what is it? Malware is older than the web itself and creating problems for website owners, developers, and internet users since its presence.

With changing malware, the mechanism for protection also evolves. It is because of the powerful techniques and codes that now we don’t have to keep on asking the question, what is malware, often. A number of protection applications and software are available which work automatically and make your life easier.

This article is going to discuss the basics of malware, its working and some of the prominent types.

How Malware Works?

In most of the cases, you won’t find malware easily unless you have a paid version of antivirus installed in your device. So, while remaining undercover, the malware destroys or is capable of destroying your important files. If you aren’t aware of malware then you become easier subject to attack. How? Because intruders can transfer it through email, website and even in the software that you download online. The malware without files creates an impact on the memory of your device. But they are not detectable on your computer. Thus, you must be aware of such malware too.

If you are an owner of website, then you might fear the attackers as they can leak important information. Additionally, they can also leave it on your website to infect the devices of your visitors.

You cannot be sure that every device is malware free every time.

5 Types of Malware

Below are some of the types of malware, which can impact your computer in different ways. Have a look at them.

1. Computer Viruses

You can expect the malware to impact your website or computer in a number of ways. For example, a virus can actually create a number of problems including accessing your information, deleting data, hoging website storage. They can even spam your important data.

To protect yourself, you’ll need antivirus software. It’s a must for websites as well. With each antivirus, the basic functions differ a lot. Most of them offer basic services to provide protection against common malware. A WordPress security plugin is also available that can scan your entire content.

2. Trojan Horses

A trojan horse is a software that appears to be doing one of your tasks but creating problems for you in other domains. For example, a screensaver that secretly corrupts files or drains your device’s memory. An example of Trojan viruses is the Winrar virus. Know more about it.

For WordPress users particularly, trojan horses are some of the plugins that you install to help you but actually they run malicious codes. It is most common in case of pirated plugins. It is important to use trusted plugins every time and not taking any risk.

3. Spyware

It is one of the most dangerous types of malware as it can gather sensitive data from the affectees. Moreover, it hides on your device to collect all the information. It can collect your passwords through keyboard tracking. Updating your entire WordPress website regularly can help you in fighting with it.

4. Wiper

You cannot expect any good news assoociated with the word “wiper”. Wiper infects the device or network. It is one of the destructive types of viruses available.

Wiper is primarily a type of cyber warfare. In this case, the aim of the virus is to attack and destroy. The intruders make no efforts in using another device. Keeping regular backups is most important for you to ensure that you would recover your data in case you have to go through a wiper attack.

You might have to use multiple methods for securing your website from wiper. In addition, you might even want to cleanup your website. But that is a possibility in the worst case scenarios only.

5. Computer Worms

They spread automatically in the computer whereas viruses require the system to travel from one place to the other. Computer worms don’t require any sort of support. Email is the major source of spreading of this worm. You address book can be compromised because of it.


With the introduction of the internet, the threat of viruses has always been there. Even in the future, it is expected to harm the computers and the other devices. This is why you need to be vigilant when it comes to the security of your devices. You need to keep your security updated regularly to fight all sorts of viruses. This article would have definitely increased your knowledge about types of viruses and will probably help you in keeping your website and devices safe. You don’t have to think that the protection from malware is impossible. You just need the right mechanism.