We have often heard from people that “motivation is the key to success” or if one fails in a particular task he is told that he lacked motivation”. So what is motivation actually? And why is it so important to be motivated?


Motivation is that factor that gives you the will to perform a certain task. Being motivated means to have the willingness or the eagerness to complete a job. In short, it is the key to a goal-driven behaviour.

Importance of motivation

Moreover as we have characterized “what is motivation”, here comes the genuine question that for what reason is it so essential to be motivated? Envision yourself playing a soccer match, you find the opportunity to score a penalty and as the minute gets closer you begin to get nervous however when you take a glance at the crowd among them there is your dad having a smile, at that point you start to understand that at least for that smile you can score, and that exact second is your snapshot of motivation.

Furthermore, We should take another example, imagine you are having your examination in about a weak, despite everything you don’t have the will to study however when you get the opportunity to see the fee challan that your parents have paid for those tests, you start to create blame and that blame forms a feeling of acknowledgment that you can work hard only for the effort that your parents have put in your training. So that is the moment of motivation for you.

Types of motivation

Well as we discussed some examples there are many other types of motivation as well

Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation

Firstly there are two types of motivation and the rest fall under them. Extrinsic motivation is the desire to aim for materialistic rewards like money, power or fame. While intrinsic motivation can be defined as the T you get when you want inner satisfaction or contentment. For example you select a degree or a program just for the sake of learning not having in mind how much money you are going to make after its completion, so this is intrinsic motivation. “Intrinsic motivation is on of learning’s most precious resources. It bolsters us to stick out the tough moments of a challenge and pursue what we love to do” says Rachel Simmons an American author. Whereas when you select a degree or a program just for the sake of the future profits, this is extrinsic motivation.

Achievement factor

Secondly when a person has a focused path to follow he tends to strive hard to achieve what he has planned for. The motivation that you get when you have the desire to achieve something can simply be termed as the “motivation to achieve”.

Steve Jobs said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” This clearly highlights that the one who is motivated enough to think of pursuing his goals turns out to be the one actually achieving those goals. So getting success and the will to make an impact is a big reason for getting motivated.

Social Factor

As we took the examples earlier in which social factor or affiliation was the reason for motivation. Human beings by nature are sensitive to social aspects of life, they feel loved and are happy when surrounded by their trustworthy ones. So the desire to protect this feeling and the desire to improve things around your loved ones can be termed as “Social Motivation”. Furthermore, it can be termed as the urge to keep your loved ones happy as in the Father and Son example discussed initially.

Motivation from fear

This kind of fear includes the negative side of a specific thing. It focusses on the results of assignments if not managed appropriately. For instance a person studies hard because of the fear of failing, an athlete prepares hard not to lose and an employee works hard so he isn’t short of cash. So all these negative propelling elements in certainty are the ones that develops the positive inspiration by showing all the negative results or the things one will lose on the off chance that he doesn’t put effort.

In Addition to, this kind of inspiration can assist you with improving your bad habits and persuade to deal with yourself. For instance by thinking about not being presentable one inspires the inspiration to shape himself by focussing on diet and going to gym.

Motivation to have control

Gaining control is one of the main factor to get individuals motivated. The factor of control can be categorized into two parts. Firstly controlling others life and secondly having the power over our very own life. moreover, it is the demonstration of power with the goal that you can coordinate everything going in your life or others. furthermore, It gives a sense of authority and who does not like having authority?. People commonly have the controlling straits, they like to control themselves onto others and even prefer to have power over themselves or their lives.

However, the inspiration of having command over other’s life likewise can be outrageous for instance how about we consider the Nazi’s and how they cherished being in charge we can allude this to Adolf Hitler as the fact that he was so roused to have power over the Jews. In spite of the fact that urge to control can turn out to be of incredible use too when the control is suggested in your very own life. It can assist you with planning assignments further ahead like continually being a stage ahead and having a proper balance in your everyday practices.

A final view

Norman Augustine CEO, martin Marietta Corporation says “Motivation will almost always beat mere talent”. The quote gives a beautiful description of motivation as how it gives you an edge of merit. So lastly being motivated will always help a person to get success in life depending on the choice.