75% of the Americans reported that they had prayed at least once a week. A considerably high number of individuals, right? Do you think all of them have been running after something non-attainable? We don’t think so. This is one of the elements of spiritual health, but there are a lot more. So, technically, your concept and aura of spirituality can be totally different from others. It all depends on you. Let’s explore how important is spiritual health and what steps can actually place you at a higher level of spiritual wellness.

What is spiritual health?

So, now before we move forward to the other questions, the first question is that what spiritual heath is. Spiritual health is a personal matter so it can vary from an individual to an individual. For some, it could be praying to a divine authority whereas for others it is the finding of the specific purpose of existence in the world. You might argue that each of these ways leads to a single goal, i.e. getting inner peace. But the ways to reach that inner peace is the real ambiguity in the entire concept. So, you’ll have to explore it for yourself.

Benefits of Spiritual Health:

If you are reading this article, then you are probably looking for ways to attain spiritual health. It means that you are already aware of the benefits that spiritual wellness can provide you. So, for you here is an overview of the benefits that you can get by adopting spirituality.

1.      You can find peace:

The world is a chaotic place where everything starting from the preparation of food to going to a job could be chaos. With such a level of chaos, you definitely need some peace to cope up with this chaos and survive in this world. Thus, spirituality can be a way to incorporate the necessary peace to your life.

2.      Reduction of depression:

There can be a number of incidents of the daily routine that can cause anxiety, which may also lead to depression in some cases. In order to keep the chances of depression lower in your life, you need spiritual health. Through spiritual health, you can expect to include positivity in your life and generate positive results for you.

3.      Improve physical health:

For most of you, there might not be a direct connection between physical health and spirituality, but in reality, it does have an impact. Higher standing on the spiritual ground means lesser tension and the chances of having better physical health. In case, you are not part of enlightenment or spiritual health. You might feel that your body is consuming much more energy than it should have. Thus, you can expect the physical health to be affected by mental health.

4.      Become Social acceptable:

Although, this is not something that you must desire at the primary place it can be considered as the secondary benefit of having spiritual health. You would feel relaxed enough to deal with your social connections and live your life to the fullest.

Tips on how to stay spiritually healthy:

If you are looking for ways to achieve the benefits that have been highlighted above or if you just want to achieve spirituality because you want to explore what is this domain about, then you’ll have to follow some tips. We have explained these tips below:

1.      Start Praying:

If you have a bit of religious inclination, then praying can be the foremost option that you can utilize to have a better spiritual condition for yourself. Praying can bring you close to your Lord, and you can find inner peace. Additionally, it can also lead to the provision of a few minutes time in silence, and you can easily reflect on your existence, the purpose of your existence and the ways through which you can incorporate peace and satisfaction in your life.

One of the tips here is that you should not expect the results after praying once or twice. It might take up to months before you can feel the actual difference in your life because this process of spiritual health and wellness depends upon your devotion rather than the process itself. However, if done with devotion, you can find the difference within your personality even within weeks. So, start praying and explore how it works for you.

2.      Helping others:

Another way through which achieving spiritual health could be possible is by helping others. Doing tasks that can actually help others can uplift you spiritually. You can find your purpose, achieve happiness and reduce your depression. You’ll have to exercise it before you can make any statements about this tip. Because this seemingly insignificant deed can create wonders and have done wonders for a lot of people. Mother Teresa and Abdul Sattar Edhi are the two personalities who achieved their enlightenment and spiritual health as a result of easing up the lives of the others.

You can take up a number of ways for helping others. It could just be listening to the depressed to providing financial aid. Teaching young children or providing them the help they need could be some of the ways through which you can attain a higher position.

3.      Sacrificing yourself:

Achieving by sacrificing can be a way to achieve spiritual wellness. You don’t have to be like someone who has donated their everything for the others, but for making others’ happy, some small sacrifices can actually do wonders. By making others happy, you can feel a sense of fulfillment and achievement, which might not be possible with loads of money.

4.      Be grateful:

Sacrificing for others or helping others is definitely a good start that you can give to your spiritual journey, but it is not always enough. You’ll have to add in more sugar to take it to the level you want. One of the things that you can do in this regard is to be grateful for others on the things that they do for you. Being grateful doesn’t require much effort if you really feel that someone is making an effort to help you.

You can even expect to initiate a chain reaction for wellness if you managed to be thankful for others in the right way. Imagine, someone, saying “thank you” to you. In case, you’ll be depressed, then you can expect a slight improvement in mood and would be in a better condition to facilitate someone else you encounter that day. So, why not be the starter of this chain of wellness. It will create a drastic change for your spiritual personality.

5.      Set high moral standards:

Slouching down to what others are doing cannot make you excel. You’ll have to set your own standards. You’ll have to find how a spiritually high person should behave. What morals, faith and beliefs are expected from such individuals? So, you’ll have to implement those beliefs, morals, and ethics to get the best results from your spiritual life.

Some of the things that you might want to take care of include telling the truth, being honest no matter how small the issue is, not interfering in the lives of the others and other such things of the daily routine. 

6.      Make spiritual Excursion:

Sometimes, the only thing you need is to remain at a place that can provide you with a constant reminder that you are looking for something. Additionally, with the presence of people around you who are on the same mission can enhance the level of motivation for you. You might want to test your limits and learn new things from the others when on a spiritual excursion.

There are some specific places that are known for spiritual excursions, so you can visit them once and absorb the spirituality. You can even choose to visit these places a number of times, probably each year when you are on vacations. Another way to go to these institutions is to enroll in 2-3 year courses that some of the institutions and the individual spiritual leaders provide for enlightenment and spiritual uplift.

7.      Read the spiritual text:

Spirituality is something that can have different triggers. Broadening your knowledge base and reading philosophers who have touched spiritual dimensions could be something that can give you the road to success in this journey of yours’. One of the important tips here is that you must choose the philosopher with who you can expect to align yourself. Additionally, give a closer look at the level of content that you are reading. If you’ll jump start with higher level books, you won’t get anything. And there would be higher chances that you would leave this journey altogether. So, make the right choice.

8.      Visiting nature:

Finding peace in some of the natural habitats can also provide you with the right path to continue your journey. By observing nature in the form of beautiful habitat and locations around you can give you a feeling that there is a divine power, a power that is protecting you and guiding you over a number of matters.

Visiting such places can even enhance your power to observe and right. Whether it is in the prose form or the poetry form, you can see that a number of writers get inspiration when visiting a natural beauty. You can give it a try too. It might be a good change for the beginners as well.

9.       Don’t forget to recollect:

Only collecting information, data and the feeling of spirituality from nature, others or yourself is not going to create the same impact that would be created by recollecting these thoughts and molding them into something that you understand. By adopting this process, you’ll be able to filter out the information that would make the most sense for you. When things are simple, you can expect to follow them with great ease and better motivation.

10. Limit the use of gadgets:

Gadgets especially your mobile phone is the biggest source to keep you from enjoying the spirituality. There are a lot of distractions that can detect you from your real focus. So, what should you do to keep yourself focused? You might want to go underground for some time where you won’t use social media and won’t get distracted by anonymous calls. Changing your mobile number could be a solution but make sure to inform your loved ones about your expedition, as going off completely could frighten them.


With some of these tips that we have discussed above, you can expect to attain a higher spiritual place. You’ll have to remain consistent in your efforts and try various techniques to find which of the techniques is the most suitable for you. Only, then you can expect to get the real benefits from spiritual life.

Additionally, you must start your journey with a clear goal in mind as it can help you in understanding spirituality in a better way and attaining it in an easier manner. After achieving one of the objectives, you can expect to move up the ladder for the attainment of other benefits.

If you have some other ways that you follow to get spiritual health, then please share it with us so that we all can benefit from it.