Social media is a part of our lives now. We can’t even expect to stay without it for a few hours. This is what businesses have realized and are using as a way to market their products. Are you thinking why is social media important?  In this article, we are going to highlight the importance of social media for business along with top 5 strategies to boost your social media growth.

What is social media marketing?

The definition presented by for social media marketing is the use of social media by businesses in order to increase the customer base and brand reach for a particular brand. You can define social media marketing by a number of other ways, considering your objectives and the expectations that you would associate from social media.

Why is social media important?

Following points would illustrate the importance of social media for business:

1. Creation of Awareness:

Gone are the times when the customers visited the websites of the companies. Now, it is the time of blogging and social media. By launching an effective campaign on social media, you can easily make the customer aware of the new brand or company that you have launched. Additionally, you can target the right audience through the available filters as well, thus reaching the audience that you want.

2. Building the long-term relationship:

With the use of social media, you can build long-term relationship with the customers. The social media allows you to keep your customers in the loop. You can keep them updated about your new products, the benefits of your products and the ways it can help them in their lives.

3. Customer Engagement:

If you are still wondering Why is social media important, then you must see it from the perspective of customer engagement. By maintain the constant and updated social media presence, you are providing your potential customers with a medium to talk about you. The customers who are satisfied with your products would become the brand ambassadors of your company on their own. Once the social media spree starts, it does not remain limited to the pages of the brand alone. You can see the products that are liked by the people on their walls and posts as well. Similarly, reviewing websites and general community discussions are also possible through this media forum.

4. Affordable medium for marketing:

Rather than going for the traditional media for marketing, by using this form of marketing, you can reduce your cost for reaching out to your customers and potential customers.

5. Provision of support to the customers:

In some cases, you might want to educate your customers about the usage of the product or guide them for its proper functioning. In that situation, these non-conventional media forums can provide great help and can let you be with your customers when they need you the most.

6. Lead Generation:

The generation of the lead is another benefit that marks the importance of social media presence for business. You can expect to sell your products through this media. So, it is becoming an important means for getting the customers as well.

7. Increase your ROI [Return on Investment]:

You can also expect to increase the return on investment by using various social media platforms that are currently available for the businesses. How? You’ll see an increase in the number of customers and thus the amount of sales of your business. However, the cost incurred for the generation of these sales would be quite lower. As marketing on this non-conventional media does not require extensive budget for getting the customers. Overall, a higher ROI can be achieved.

8. Competition can be managed:

One of the beauties of using social media as the marketing strategy is that you have the chance to get ahead of your competition. No matter how big the competitor is, you can beat it by using the effective campaign on different media. So, it is a great opportunity for small and medium scale business to come to light.

Why is social media important: 5 Ways to boost your social media presence?

Although it is one of the most easiest and effective form of marketing that you can use for businesses, but there are certain things that you’ll have to take care of while using the social media for business. You can take care of the social media presence by incorporating the following strategies in the formulation of your overall strategy.

1. Define your audience:

With around 2 billion accounts on Facebook alone, you can’t expect to target all the users using social media. This count doesn’t include the inactive accounts and the active accounts on the other non-conventional media forums. This means that you’ll have to target your audience and reach the right audience. So, it would help in the generation of best results.

So, the first step that you should take for the strong social media presence for your business is to define your audience in a precise manner. Try to be as precise as possible. For example, know their gender, their age, their interests, their time of using social media, everything. With all this information at hand, you can target your ads to the audience that would potentially get benefit from your product or service.

2. Set clear marketing objective:

There can be multiple purposes for using social media for business. The ones mentioned under the heading Why is social media important are some of the objectives. You need to define the objective for your own business. You can set a number of criteria for different campaigns to get the maximum benefit.

However, for each campaign setting a specific objective will give you the right direction and you’ll be able to focus on the right thing. Setting SMART objectives can be helpful for the achievement of success. SMART objectives actually pave the way for the achievement of clearer results, which aren’t possible otherwise. So, the advice here is that never approach any of the digital media without setting the objectives. And not the only objectives, the smart ones.

3. Optimize your accounts:

Reaching your online media account and ending up with no information is going to be highly detrimental for your brand. What you need to do is to optimize all your social media pages, providing the necessary information to the users. Apart from that, it can also help in link building, necessary for the domain authority of the website.

Additionally, each of these media forums available has its own requirements for posting. Some media requires you to post your status with pictures. Some allow videos only whereas the other can allow the mixture of all these types of content. So, you’ll have to adjust your message accordingly for using these forums in the best possible way. Without it, you can’t expect results. Therefore, don’t waste your effort and optimize your accounts.

4. Update Regularly:

If you are expecting that you would get audience and followers on this media by posting once in a week, then you are definitely wrong. With this strategy, you’ll keep on asking why is social media important. As it won’t generate any results for you. So, make sure to do it correctly.

In order to manage it properly, it is essential that you must post twice or thrice in a day. So, this will help you in keeping the engagement of your brand with the audience high. However, each of these forums can have a different frequency for updating the status. You might also want to set your own. But make sure, whether you post your status once or twice, make it a daily routine.

There are some optimal timing for posting on different media and different geographical locations. You might want to have a look at the importance of timings and constant up gradation of content on Facebook through this article.

5. Monitor your activity:

If you are posting regularly, but not keeping a check on the engagement level and the objectives achieved, then regular posting would not be of any help. You need to keep a constant check on the things that you are posting, analyzing them from the perspective of engagement. For example, if a video is getting higher levels of likes or sharing, you must create similar contents for keeping your audience associated with you. So, it is better to use this media for getting the best results.

The more the audience would consider your content engaging, the higher are the chances are that you’ll be able to achieve the marketing objectives that you have set for your campaign.


In this article, the focus was to provide you with an overall look for using these different kind of media. Most of the businesses are not aware of how to use this media in the best possible way for the generation of results. This is why it is important that complete guidance should be provided to them. Although this article contains a lot of information, especially when it comes to the importance of this form of media. However, there is a lot that can be discussed and we do aim to cover it from time to time. So, stay tuned for more information.