Success can be like sweet honey that everyone want a taste of. But success doesn’t come easily to everyone. The real question is why most people don’t succeed? What is wrong in their approach?

Purpose matters for success

Firstly People only focus on success just to increase their status, they need to learn that success comes with motivation and motivation only comes when one is passionate about a thing. Moreover if a person is trying to achieve success just for increasing one’s status then the person will only be limited to partial success, with getting slightest close to success the person would lose far sight by just becoming overwhelmed with a little attention. This kind of partial success fades away quickly with lack of motivation and passion.

Implementation, risk taking and failures

Secondly this world is full of brilliant minds producing brilliant ideas every single day. The important step is to channel these ideas into implementation. Most people are too afraid to invest in their worthy ideas considering the possibility of failures and loses. It’s really necessary for them to understand that success often requires risk to be taken and implementation is the key here.

Not loosing hope is the key

A person can’t go on babbling about not being able to achieve success if one isn’t even willing to make an effort. furthermore, without failures no business has risen, the product of unfortunate failures is success.

“By every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew” Believe it or not these are the words of JK Rowling, after the failure of her first book and also with a failed marriage she never stopped pursuing what she loved which was writing and eventually she got success when she published the “HARRY POTTER SERIES” in 1997.

Finishing what started

Taking a glance at the previous example the thing it also highlights aside from the reality of not bowing down to disappointments, is to complete what you have started, as JK Rowling never lose expectation and kept on writing. Numerous individuals get a burst of inspiration at beginning and make promises to themselves that they will seek after their plans to their fullest however as time advances as things turn into somewhat troublesome and the common sense of the issue begins to show up, they begin to step in reverse with the reason that this wasn’t the trouble level they planned for while beginning with the thought. It is vital to edify the fact that Life isn’t simple, achievement isn’t simple, and you should strive hard, complete what you have started so as to achieve your ideal goal.