Search engine visibility is an essential part of a website’s success. Organic searches still outrank paid advertising.You can get quality traffic to your website through it. So optimizing your website for searchability is key for your content management strategy. SEO friendliness is the core competency with which the WordPress has been designed. And this makes WordPress one of the best content management system out there.

Every Site Needs SEO

Whether you’re a small business startup or a large company with many different divisions, your website needs traffic. In order to use SEO effectively, you’ll need to spend a lot of time in building traffic. Additionally, gaining the engagement level is also time consuming. However, recent statistics on website usage indicate that organic searches, still provide a steady source of quality. It results in high level optimization, which is important.

Ultimately, getting organic searches is still a crucial part of raising awareness about your brand. And it is often the most economical marketing solution you’ll find.

SEO Starts With the Source Code

The generic WordPress website comes with the source code for all the coding and structure required. So, you don’t have to face much of the problems while using it. You can customize them in multiple ways. These include elements that directly support SEO.

WordPress is written largely in PHP language, but it also integrates proper HTML markup. So, crawling and indexing process of search engines easily recognizes the WordPress code, thus the chances of higher ranking of your website are there. It also has options for optimizing images. Even its content editor also supports the creation of complex, long-form text with preset title. And heading tags are supported. From the basic WordPress dashboard, you can manage all settings. Moreover, you can create a meta description, and incorporate a variety of social sharing SEO tools into each post.

WordPress Themes Support SEO

Source code is used by WordPress theme for managing the appearance. Additionally, this overlapping feature works for some of the other functions of a WordPress site. Most wordpress theme options contain proper HTML markup to accommodate search engine bots. Moreover, many themes also include mobile-friendly features. For older themes without extra SEO features, there are plugins that can add those features to the website. Such as responsiveness and options for adding metadata and other SEO elements.

Plugins For WordPress

You can expect each part of the website to be in accordance with the SEO rules. There are plenty of WordPress SEO plugins to help you take advantage of all those opportunities. Plugins like Yoast SEO allow you to set a meta description.

Additionally, you can also check keyword relevance and evaluate posts or pages for their SEO-readiness. The use of this feature before publishing can ensure that you are posting the best content online. Other WordPress plugins provide more specialized functions.


WordPress originated as a blogging platform for helping everyone publish their message online. And you can see this through the easy to use SEO tools that it provides in all of its core components – themes, source code, and plugins.

Free, Fast and customizeable for every need, WordPress remains the best website builder for search engine optimization.