WordPress vs Wix:

WordPress and Wix, both of the platforms are designed to create an online presence of businesses in the market. Wix is easier to use but the functionality of Wix is not similar to WordPress. If you want to know which one is the best fit for your needs, to help you make the right decision between WordPress vs Wix, here’s a head-to-head comparison:

1. Overview of the platform:

Wix is a ‘drag and drop’ platform that allows the creation of website easily. You can purchase a domain within Wix. It can host a domain for you. It features an intuitive editor through which you can have the total freedom of design. You can extend your site’s functionality either with Wix Code APIs or the JavaScript of your own. And there’s also Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), which actually helps in the creation of websites within time.

As we are doing Wix vs WordPress comparison. So, WordPress is a publishing software, which is free and open-source. With WordPress the domain name and the web host are the necessary elements. It is very well known for its active community, blogs and different forums for helping. WordPress is a powerful platform for developers and businesses aiming to set up and maintain complex websites.

2. Ease of Use

The Wix vs WordPress comparison shows the following differences. Wix is an easy to use platform. It doesn’t require any sort of coding skills for users to build their online presence. Wix has a quick signup process. You need to provide your email and start for free. You can use the free Wix.com domain or you can even use your domain. If you need to use the customize domain, then you’ll have to go for the premium plan.

WordPress is the easiest solution to create a website but it is not easiest when it comes to the publishing of the website. Setting up a WordPress site requires you to manage some of the elements to get started. You have to purchase a web host and a domain name, and then install WordPress. You’ll have to keep your website updated.

3. Design and Customization

Wix offers 100% customizable designing facility, top-notch design features.  One thing to note is that you cannot change the template easily once it’s set. If you decide to change the template, you will have to fill it with images and all sort of content from scratch. It doesn’t require coding. So, Wix Video is highly useful tool that just not let you upload the videos rather you can choose the layout too. Using Wix eCommerce have a well designed and well managed storefront.

In the case of WordPress, you can easily change them but the basic knowledge of coding is required for that purpose.

4. SEO

Wix provides SEO features including search console integration and sitemap generation. The Wix SEO Wiz will know your requirements to create a personal plan for you. Additionally, Wix also offers some SEO/Analytics apps.

WordPress is a SEO-friendly platform. The search engines can easily index the websites created on WordPress platform. Several SEO plugins you can use are present in this platform. The configuration of your website name, heading tags, tagline, image alt tags, URL structure and so on, is not at all difficult.

5. Support

Wix has +200,000 topics in their official knowledge base, hundreds of video tutorials and walkthroughs, email and phone support and a dedicated YouTube channel. So, with all these resources, there are higher chances that you’ll figure out the problem on your own.

WordPress has no official staff to help you. But you will have no trouble finding WordPress experts. Because there are a number of members in the communities who can help you. Fixing WordPress website problems might require a bit of your expertise.


Wix simplifies it’s user’s life. All you have to do is create your own design. upload your own content and design your site. The notifications about new features, system updates and backups, to security alerts and more, would be the headache of Wix management.

If you want to put in some time in your website, then WordPress is a good decision. WordPress is a powerful system. However, one needs to learn the languages to succeed with this platform. WordPress requires constant maintenance and upkeep.

There you have it. Now you can decide which CMS suit you the best and start building you dream website.