We are glad that you have shown your interest in writing a guest post for us. Thank you!

Our blog “Doers Empire” is targeted at business personnel, entrepreneurs, business graduates, and people with a keen interest in business and the management of businesses. All the articles on our blog fulfill the needs of our audience in one way or the other. Original, informative, and high-quality articles are the distinctive aspects of our blog, and we aim to maintain these qualities in our guest posts as well.

Currently, we are providing bloggers and writers with an opportunity to write for us. So, if you are interested in grabbing this opportunity, then this is the time. However, due to a large number of requests for guest blogs, we would be able to publish the ones that would match our quality standards and set criteria.  

In this guide, we are providing you with the formatting criteria and standards that should be part of your guest post articles. Maintaining these standards would increase your chances of getting your post published. Make sure to read the entire document as it contains answers to all of your possible questions.



By submitting a guest post with us, you agree to the following points:

  • Your article must be related to entrepreneurship, marketing, or management of the business.
  • We can edit, modify, or change the content of your article (if required). Additionally, we can also reject the content if it won’t meet our standards.
  • The content that you are going to submit to us as a guest post must be original. We reserve the right to check the plagiarism of the content and can disregard the content if the plagiarism is more than 2%.
  • The submitted content must be owned by you. Copying it, in parts, or full from other sources is not allowed. Additionally, it must not be published anywhere, even in your own name, including your own blog.
  • You can add 1 “do follow” link in the body of the text. Additionally, we also allow one “do follow” link in the author’s profile section.
  • We do not allow you to add affiliate links to the content.
  • Once you have submitted your article with us, we don’t permit it to be submitted elsewhere. However, in case, we don’t approve your article, then you can use it in any way you like.
  • The formatting of the document must be according to the standards defined in this document.
  • We reserve the right to modify any of these points of the agreement, at any time without any prior notice.



  • Your article must be 1200 -1400 words long.
  • You should provide at least one image with the article. The image must not have any copyright issues.
  • You should link your guest post to one of the articles of the Doers Empire
  • Your article should revolve around a particular keyword. The keyword that you are going to select must appear in the title, 1st paragraph of the article, 1 – 2 times in the subheadings, and 3-4 times in the remaining article. Make sure that the usage of keywords must be natural and must not disrupt the natural flow of the article.


  • You should pursue your article with a friendly but professional tone
  • Keep your sentences short. None of your paragraphs should be longer than six lines.
  • Use active voice for the write-up.
  • Use US English for writing.


  • Use sentence case for writing subheadings in your article.
  • In an article, use numbered list, if you are writing steps or procedures for explaining something. For all other lists, use bullets to specify each point.
  • If there are multiple sections and subsections in your article, then number the headings as 1, 2, 3, or A, B, C. Whichever style you use, make sure to be consistent.


Write around 30-40 words about yourself that you would like to be published in the author’s section of your article.


Please send your guest post as MS Word Document/Google Document to blog@doersmedia.com. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with our decision about the approval or rejection of your post. If your article is approved, make sure not to submit it to any other blogs.


If your guest post would be approved by our team, then you can expect it to be scheduled for publishing. The exact time of publishing the guest post after approval of the article may vary. Depending upon the number of scheduled guest posts, it can take a few days to a few weeks once your article is approved.


  • You’ll be responsible for answering the questions of the readers mentioned in the comments. It will improve the user experience as well as it would create better engagement.
  • You’ll have to share the published articles with your list of email subscribers.
  • You’ll be expected to share the article on different social media platforms as well.


  • Please do not send more than 1 article at a particular time.
  • We’ll read each of the submissions, but we might not respond with feedback on each of the articles.
  • We’ll try our best to respond back through email regarding the acceptance or rejection of the guest post.
  • However, if we don’t get back to you within 14 days of submission of the article, then you can consider your submission “not accepted.” There can be multiple reasons involved, including but not limited to, the existence of a similar topic on our website already or non-fulfillment of one or more of our guest blogging criteria.

For any queries or questions, please feel free to contact us at blog@doersmedia.com