Latest Google Chrome’s AI update for chrome is a game-changer, and it’s powered by the same brainpower that brought you autonomous vehicles and talking robots. Prepare to experience a web experience that responds to your every request, anticipates your every need, and lets you create your own browser paradise with just a few lines of code.


The most recent Google Chrome’s AI update (version M121) introduces AI-powered functionalities that enhance the browsing experience with a personalized touch.
This update has been designed to ensure that your browsing experience is tailored precisely to your requirements, taking into account your preferences and giving you the ability to effortlessly curate your own personalized browsing sanctuary.
Google clarifies that these AI features are currently in the initial public testing phase. Business and school accounts will not have access to this feature during this early stage.

Who Can Use?

Chrome users on both Macs and PCs in the United States can now enjoy the latest and most advanced features. To make use of these features, all you need to do is sign simply sign in to Chrome, navigate to Settings, and find the Experimental AI page.

Notable Highlights:

Google’s latest Chrome update (version M121) has arrived, bringing along a range of captivating AI-powered features that aim to provide users with a more personalized browsing experience.

Here are the key highlights:

1. Smart Tab Management:

  • Chrome automatically groups similar tabs together, making it easier to manage large numbers of open tabs.
  • This useful feature analyzes the content and browsing history of each tab in order to establish their relationship.
  • You can effortlessly switch between different groups or choose to ungroup tabs, if needed.

2. AI-Generated Themes:

  • By utilizing this functionality, you can design your own Chrome themes according to your preferred subject, mood, visual style, and color.
  • No need to be an AI expert for this. Simply provide your preferences and Chrome’s AI will generate a unique theme for you.
  • This adds a touch of personality to your browsing experience.

3. Enhanced Search and Discover-ability:

  • Chrome will proactively suggest relevant content based on your browsing history and interests. This could be news articles, videos, or websites you might find helpful.
  • Web-pages offer personalized summaries, letting you quickly grasp the key points.
  • Chrome can even help you translate web pages into your preferred language.

4. Availability and Access:

  • These features are currently in an experimental phase and are only available in Chrome M121 for Macs and PCs in the US.
  • To access them, you need to sign in to Chrome, go to Settings, and navigate to the Experimental AI page.

5. Proactive Security:

  • AI will play a more active role in identifying and blocking potential threats, making your browsing experience safer and more secure.


In the M121 update, users can explore a range of new features. These features are currently being tested and can be accessed through the Settings menu in Chrome on both Macs and PCs in the U.S. It’s important to note that, like any early release, there may be some minor issues that need to be resolved.

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