YouTube channel managers, stop hitting delete! YouTube says keeping videos builds a stronger channel.

Thinking of deleting an old video on your YouTube channel? You might want to reconsider. According to a recent announcement from YouTube, channel managers should be cautious about hitting the delete button.

Why You Should Keep Your Videos:

Here’s the deal: YouTube’s algorithm thrives on connections. When you delete a video, you’re essentially removing a piece of the puzzle that helps YouTube understand your channel and recommend it to viewers. This can negatively impact your channel’s ranking and visibility.

Here are a couple of reasons why keeping your videos uploaded is a good idea:

  • Engagement: Even older videos can still attract new viewers. People might search for specific topics you’ve covered in the past, and your video could be exactly what they’re looking for. Keeping it uploaded allows you to maintain that connection with potential viewers.
  • Channel Identity: Your videos, old and new, all contribute to your channel’s overall identity. Deleting videos can make it harder for viewers to grasp the full scope of your content and what you’re all about.

Negative Impacts of Deleting Videos:

Here’s how deleting videos can negatively impact your channel:

  • Disrupted Audience Connections: Viewers who enjoyed an older video might come back looking for it later. Deleting it creates a broken experience and frustrates those viewers.
  • Ranking and Recommendations: The algorithm uses your video library to understand your channel’s content and recommend it to relevant viewers. Deleting videos disrupts this process, potentially hurting your channel’s ranking and discoverability.
  • Loss of Historical Data: Every view, comment, and like on your videos contributes to your channel’s overall performance. Deleting a video means losing that valuable data.

Alternatives to Deletion:

So what should you do instead of deleting a video? Here are a couple of options:

  • Un-list the Video: This makes the video hidden from public view but keeps it accessible to you and anyone with the link. This is a good option for content you no longer want to promote but might reference later.
  • Make it Private: This option completely hides the video from everyone except you. Use this for unfinished projects or private recordings.
  • Update Videos: Consider updating older videos with fresh information or intros/outros to keep them relevant without needing deletion.
  • Channel Organization: Create playlists to categorize your content and make it easier for viewers to find what they’re interested in, even if it’s older content.

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