Do you own a YouTube channel? Now your aim would be the growth of your channel, right? YouTube growth is particularly a tough scenario especially when you are new in the industry, and your aim is to get the YouTube subscribers free. You need to take care of a number of things to ensure that your audience would like your content. Although, content is very important and one of the integrals of getting a higher number of subscribers but there are some technical and structural elements involved too.

With such a number of things to be taken care of, you must not lose your heart. This is not something impossible. You need to work devotedly for the growth of your YouTube, and the end result would be high YouTube subscribers free. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the important tips that can help you in getting your desired results within no time.

How to get more subscribers on YouTube?

Here are some of the factors that can have an impact on growing your YouTube subscribers’ base free or organically. You must incorporate them in your content to get the best results.

1. Content must be engaging:

Although, this must go without saying, this factor is so important that we thought it is important to discuss to provide you with a better idea about the impact that it can create for YouTube growth.

Content is actually the king. You can’t expect people to like your videos or subscribe to your channel when they won’t find the content engaging. So, you have to ensure that apart from providing the authentic information to your viewers. You must deliver it in a way that would grab their attention. Once you’ll be able to establish such content, you’ll be more likely able to attract more subscribers for your channel automatically.

2. Develop a plan and a script:

If you are not sure how to create, engaging content for your YouTube users then one of the tips that we can extend you is to create a complete plan and script for your video. The creation of a plan and script could actually provide you with a layout to make the entire video. With a complete layout at hand, there are greater chances that the content that you will create would be highly engaging. You would know what are you talking about and how are you going to take things further. And this will ultimately result in higher chances of getting higher YouTube subscribers free.

3. Optimized titles can generate the desired results

Generating optimized titles are in the higher interest of the users. They can improve the overall subscription that you can get for your YouTube channel. If you are not aware of the techniques, through which you can create effective titles. Then you might want to take the help from the professional writers, or you may even try giving exciting titles by yourself.

Make sure to include the keyword in the video title so that your audience and the algorithm of YouTube would know what the video is about. Such titles can actually help you in generating real growth and a higher number of subscribers for your channel.

4. Post long videos:

You would have definitely heard that Google loves long content. So, does YouTube. When it comes to the ranking of videos, the lengthy videos, probably more than 10 minutes, get higher ranking on YouTube for a particular keyword. So, once you’ll be able to rank more of your videos on the top rank, there are higher chances that new viewers of your videos would become your subscribers as well. But here the first point (of the article) would get most important. You’ll have to create engaging content, only then can your generate YouTube subscribers free.

However, there is an opposite view present as well, which believes in the generation of short videos, so that you can keep the engagement level high. In our opinion, if your content is engaging enough and you manage to grab the attention of your users in the first 10 seconds, then a video up to 10 minutes is optimal.

5. Promote your other videos:

What’s the science behind it? Well, if one of your viewers is going to watch more than 2 videos from your channel, then there is a high probability that you have already convinced that viewer with your engaging content. So, there are more chances that such viewers will result in subscribers of your Youtube channel free.

Now you must be thinking, how you could actually influence the viewers of a single video to watch more videos from your channel. Here is a trick. You must devote the last few seconds of your video to promote another video of yours’ along with the provision of the link to that video. By doing this, you are urging the users to continue the chain of videos without putting in any effort.

Another important and helpful technique to achieve this objective is to create thumbnails in your video. The creation of thumbnails provide the viewers with a link to the other videos that you have referenced in one way or the other in your videos, thus enhancing the chances that you can have more viewers for your other videos as well.

6. Reply to the comments:

If you have a running channel, you might have to go through thousands of comments. But in order to get more subscribers for your channel it is highly essential that you must reply to the comments. Replying to the comments create a sense of engagement in users and thus higher chances that you can have your YouTube channel growth and YouTube subscribers free.

What is the best time to go for comments? After releasing your next video, it is important that you must review the previous comments. By this way, you can also get an opportunity to promote your latest video as well, depending upon what is the topic of your video and how is it related to the previous one. You can even trigger the users for subscription in the individual comments as it can create better results.

7. Description of your videos is important:

Whether it is from the perspective of SEO or compelling the viewers of your videos to subscribe to your YouTube channel, the nicely written description is amongst the most prominent ways to attract attention. By writing an effective SEO, description will compel YouTube to show your video on top whereas a persuasive message in the description will highlight the reasons that why should people subscribe to your videos. Thus, influencing them to know more about you and the niche that you are covering.

8. Give importance to Channel icons:

Another thing that most of the Youtubers ignore while running their YouTube channel is the icon. This icon appears everywhere whether it is your video, your comments or the main page of your video. This icon must be fully optimized depending upon the content that you are sharing on your channel. If it is a company’s channel, you might want to go for the logo of the company. If the channel relates to personal branding, then a professionally taken headshot can do wonders for you. Similarly, you need to find the best icon to help you in the entire process.

Why is the icon of the YouTube channel important? The first impression is often the last impression. So, you won’t like to ruin this impression of yours’ in any way. Thus, making the icon important in the entire process of YouTube streaming.

9. Positioning your YouTube channel requires some effort:

Most of the YouTubers actually ignore the positioning element from the entire process of creating videos on YouTube and later promoting them. So one tip here is to create a specific positioning for your YouTube channel you can add a specific tagline. This tagline must be included in the description of your YouTube video. Additionally, you must repeat this tagline at the start of every video.

Using such tactics will actually result in creating a brand image for your channel. And thus, you can get more YouTube subscribers free.

10. Be consistent in posting YouTube videos:

Posting regularly is important for signaling YouTube algorithms that you are making frequent videos and are still in the market. You can relate it with written content SEO to understand it better. Moreover, your audience will know that you are providing them regular solutions to their problems or helping them achieve their objectives through your videos. Thus resulting in more YouTube growth.

11. YouTube channel promotion:

Another important way to generate YouTube subscribers free is to promote them to the online relevant community. You can either share the links of your relevant videos to certain social media pages or groups. Additionally, it is better to create your specific pages on social media that will promote your videos. Using such a technique can increase the click-through rate and improve the overall viewership of your video. However, you will have to make sure that you are creating, engaging and relevant content to get all the benefits.

12. Include call to action:

Asking viewers to subscribe your channel and like your video is a good call to action technique that you might want to use for your channel. But a word of caution here. Do not overuse the call to action technique. We have seen videos where the Youtubers urge the viewers to subscribe to the channel, both, at the start and at the end. This actually becomes annoying.

Make sure to use this call to action technique once and probably at the end of the video. So that the audience or viewers already know your style & content in the video, and make a rational decision for subscribing your channel. Why are we focusing on rational emphasis on the call to action button? Because, firstly, it is highly difficult to influence people to subscribe to your channel when they are just at the start of watching their first video from your channel as compared to the other way around. Secondly, emphasizing on the subscription of the channel can actually annoy viewers and you would not like that, obviously. This is why using the call to action cautiously is highly recommended.

13. Give Incentives:

Sometimes, giving the incentives to the subscribers is all you need to do for creating the YouTube growth. You can use either plan coupons or vouchers as giveaways or can provide a product free to the selected users. This can be one of the most prominent ways of getting instant subscribers.

However, one of the things that you should actively look for is that the audience that you are getting from is actually the one that you want. If this is not the case, then you won’t be able to create real YouTube growth. So, this technique can be important but make sure to use it wisely.


YouTube growth is not an easy process especially if you have recently started your channel or you are still looking to start your channel, then you can have a look at this article. The above discussed are some of the ways that experts highlight to get more YouTube subscribers free.

If you know some other means of enhancing the growth of your YouTube channel, or if you have any questions as a beginner, please feel free to post them below.